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Fatal Affair’s Steamy Love Scene Was Very Much ‘Awkward’ For Nia Long




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Now over the past few years, Netflix has become a true force in its entertainment world. starting off with the original television projects, the streaming service has since pivoted to a focus on original movies. Some of the film projects like Bird Box and Extraction have essentially broken the internet, and now there’s a new psychological thriller which has been in the Top 10 Netflix movies since it premiered: Fatal Affair.

Nia Long from Fatal Affair had a long career in both TVs as well as film, including roles in the iconic projects like Boyz n the Hood. And while she is of no doubt worked on plenty of love scenes during this time, those kinds of sequences in Netflix’s Fatal Affair were particularly uncomfortable. While now plenty of movie lovers and goers would love a chance to act alongside Love And Basketball icon Omar Epps, there was one major or important issue; they are already close friends.

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Fatal Affair’s Steamy Love Scene Was Very Much ‘Awkward’ For Nia Long

They both have explained their views towards this. We know that the love scenes are notoriously awkward for the actors on set, the stakes even get much higher when you are simulating intimacy with their close personal friend. And that was exactly the case for Nia Long and Omar Epps in the film Fatal Affairs. Because while their characters’ steamy scenes or love scenes in the Netflix movie definitely helped the movie to pick up their pace, the reality of filming is far less glamorous.

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Nia and Omar both commented to Access Online to help to peel back the curtain on the movie-making and definitely shatters the illusion of anything which is sexy that occurs throughout the movie Fatal Affair’s 89-minute runtime. The movie shoots and often long and grueling experiences, as there are many moving parts that go into each new release. The sex scenes are a big part of the gig that most actors dread, and Nia is no longer exception in this case.

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