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Fast & Furious 9 Trailer Hints At Flashback Scene Teased In The Original Movie




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The trailer for Fast & Furious could drop new enlightenment on Dom’s inside within The Fast & Furious Saga. Here is wherewith the display to support ties into Dom’s father.

The latest footage for Fast and Furious 9, recently revealed as F9 is a scene that may reveal a major moment from Dominic Toretto’s past that included his father.

The scene can be found in the action-packed trailer that was played during Super Bowl LIV. Vin Diesel will once again play the role of Dom with the return of franchises such as Michelle Rodriguez, Tires Gibson, Ludacris, Jordan Bravester, Nathalie Emanuel and Sung Kang. Former wrestler, John Cena, has also joined the F9 cast in the lead role.

During The Fast Saga, some details surrounding the Toretto family are revealed. Apart from Dom, Mia (Brewster) was the only other Toretto up to this point, portraying a primary character in the franchise.

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The siblings’ parents never took center stage, but the family’s patrons had an impact on their children. It was said that Dom and Mia’s father often took their children to church and hosted a barbecue for the entire neighborhood.

He helped build Dom’s iconic car, the 1970 Dodge Charger R / T, in the early days of the Fast Saga.

Dom and Mia’s father had already gone through the events of 2001’s The Fast and the Furious. The film revealed that he died while participating in a stock car race.

The accident was caused by a fellow stock car racer Kenny Linder. After the incident that killed his father, Dom attacks Kenny and kills him with a wrench.

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Kenny was seriously injured, again away from racing while Dom went to jail after the attack. According to the short clip showing the stock car race in the latest trailer, this moment in Dom’s life can be seen again in F9.

The F9’s Super Bowl trailer takes a quick look at the stock car race around the ten-second mark. In the scene, car clips to the bumper of a black stock car, possibly belonging to Dom’s father.

The Fast and the Furious said that Linder indirectly crashed into Toretto’s car, sending him into the wall at a speed of 120 mph before the vehicle caught fire.

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Dom remembers yelling at his father after the accident, but Dom was screaming while witnessing the incident. This flashback plays the moment that immediately changes Dom’s life as well as his sister’s life.

The flashback scene may also tie Dom’s villainous brother Jacob (Cena) into the introduction.

It is possible that this stock car accident changed the Toretto family dynamic or caused some sort of collapse between the brothers. Dom’s past will certainly play a significant role in F9, with family members repeating their lives.

In doing so, The Fast Saga provides an opportunity to shed more light on the grandfather of the Toretto family and what exactly was happening to the family before their tragic death.

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