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Fast & Furious 9 Hides John Cena Being Dom’s Brother

The new fast and Furious 9 Super Bowl concealed that the relationship between John Cena’s character and the other famous character Dominic Toretto, there is a twist revealed in the previous trailer.

There is an ad that revealed or aired during the Super Bowl LIV for the upcoming Fast and Furious 9 concealed a previously teased connection between John Cena and Vin Diesel in the movie.

Cena’s Jacob was introduced to audiences as Dom’s little brother in the first trailer of the film. The character is built as a master thief, assassin high-performance driver and then it foes do not look like that Dom is thrilled to see him.

We see that Cena joining Fast and Furious 9 alongside the original ones most of them if one has seen the trailer.

Universal kicked the marketing machine for the franchise’s newest installment into the very high gear with having an official poster release and also several characters in one sheet.

Dom’s brother’s mysterious return was not the first trailer’s even big mistake to reveal his as his small brother. The honor went to surprise appearance of Sung Kang’s Han Seoul- Oh, who was killed off way back in the year 2006 Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.

We are hoping that they made the audience or the fans of the franchise see that Dom and John are brothers but in the real movie there might be a change of the plot we are expecting that there will be a very big twist in the main plot.

This can be a good reason to show the relation of them to the fans in the trailer itself.

Now the fans just have to wait for the release date of the movie and we know this is also one of the greatest franchises after Avengers.

The fans are very much eager to know the much detailed information about their relationship we are hoping.



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