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Fast and Furious: Reasons why the franchise should keep going




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The ninth installment of the fast and furious series is all set to be released this year with even more crazy stunts than ever before. What do you think does the franchise needs to stop while it’s ahead?

The Producers of the movie Knows how to keep things fresh

Part of the reason why the Hollywood industry gets hasty conclusions is the fear that it will reach a time when the viewers will no longer care about it. This fear is justified. The viewers do get bored.

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But the Producers of the furious series figured out how to keep this from happening. And that is by injecting fresh blood into it every few years.

The Stunt Keeps getting more realistic

Now, who out there does not like the stunts of the fast and the furious series. Like seriously, what kind of person are you. 

The films of the series showed its audience that they have pumped up their ridiculousness. There is a magnetic plane sucking a car from the air. What can be more exciting than this?

The Numbers are good

Hollywood relies on numbers to determine whether more should be made, or cancellations should happen. 

For TV shows, its all about ratings while for movies, it’s all about the box office. In total, the Fast & Furious franchise has grossed 5.9 billion. The last film of the series grossed 1.2 billion.

Well, this is it but there are more reasons to it. The characters of the series who have contributed to the world’s biggest movie deserve some appreciation from the public too.

Paul Walker gave up his life for the fans so that they could get much more realistic action in the film. We desperately needed to see him in the ninth installment after watching the comeback of Han.

It made me feel bad about it but there is nothing that anybody could do to make it happen.

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