Fast and Furious 9 would recast the deceased Paul Walker’s appearance.


Unto his unexpected passing, Paul Walker played the racer-switched Toretto house member, Brian O’Conner.

Walker starred in half the speedy franchise’s first seven films, till his character withdrew from the important lifetime of car heists to be a family man after Furious 7 (his scenes were finished posthumously via CGI along with his allies, Caleb and Cody, standing in).


However, as of November 2019, stories have surfaced that the movie recasts Walker’s look. If accurate, this option is unequivocally wicked and mad.

The chance surfaced at a tweet. “Just got a fresh casting grid for something and using it some big news that is guaranteed to be controversial,” he tweeted.

“Not certain how I feel about it but we’ll see.” Two weeks later he dropped it”They’re bringing Paul Walker’s character, Brian, to FF9.”

The report says that Jordana Brewster, who’s turning as the associate Mia Toretto of Brian, sparked disturbances that Brian would die offscreen.

This is worse, if accurate –most terminals that are maximum reporting it to mention Richtman’s tweets, and Universal has to affirm this rumor.

Two things we know for certain: This privilege loves astonishment cameos, and they enjoy flashbacks. The view of casting stand-in that is different for CGI scenes is gross. The notion of Brian is offensive.

Walker delivered a singular emotion and power to the character of Brian O’Conner; he held my heart from the second he awakened in that 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Walker was the glue that kept the group together, as pleasant as the ancient film was. Here is to assume that this is some unfortunate error.