Fast and Furious 9 Star John Cena Admits Being A BTS Army Member


John Cena has been supportive of Bangtan ever since their American debut and has been vocal about it. The band has made its mark in the Hollywood industry and has gained recognition from many Artists like Shawn Mendes, Ryan Reynolds, Ellen DeGeneres and many more.



One of those stars happens to be John Cena. The wrestling sensation always talks about and admired the boyband, but now he explains why he loves them so much. He recently tweeted about the band and said “I’ve had a little trouble keeping up lately but does @bts_twt, @ bts_bighit need a bodyguard? Crazy because I’ve been touring with them for years, they just can’t see me.”. This shows his love for them. According to sources, he opened up about why he loves the band so much while speaking to a daily news portal.

John Cena


He stated that he is a fan of BTS and has often been vocal about it publically whenever possible due to the “message the band is trying to spread”. He also expressed that he was initially drawn to BTS because of the way they connected people across the globe. He also hopes to set forth the power they have as they are a global phenomenon.

In his interview with the News portal, John Cena further expressed that he understands BTS is trying to get more and more people to like their music but they also have a good message behind their body of work. He feels that BTS stands for good messaging like self-care and passion and not giving up on their dreams. The actor expressed furthermore that the love and respect that they have for their fans is admirable. This statement of his just earned him more respect as a person.

The star in the Fast and furious 9 shows his support for the boyband. BTS has also been compared to the beaten as well, which itself is a great honor for any music artist. Now Fans have an answer to the very recurring question “John Cena, Are you Army?”