Fast And Furious 9: Jason Statham Not A Part Of This Movie Is A Big Blow For The Fans


Everything is pretty fine with the ninth part of Fast and Furious. The only one thing for the fans to feel sad about is the absence of Deckard Shaw. As Jason Statham who played the role of Deckard Shaw is not returning for the fast and furious 9.

Villain to an anti-villain :

He first debuted in Fast and Furious 6. It did not take much time for him to establish as a villain. In Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift we can even see him driving Han’s car off the road. Then later his interaction with Luke Hobbs played by Dwayne Johnson has drastically improved resulted in his addition to the family by Dom. Even it resulted in Hobbs and Shaw where both were the leads.

The actual reason for not returning :

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham were busy with interviews as a promotion to their Hobbs and Shaws when production work for the fast and furious 9 has started. So they have not given much time. So for Jason Statham being also a producer for the film he needs to step out of the ninth part for spending time for the promotion of Hobbs and Shaw. So this was the main reason for his not returning. As the numbers at the box office are pretty much high for Hobbs and Shaw they would not shy at making the sequel for it. They might not be a part of the ninth part but they could be a part of the tenth one.

Justice for Han :

With Han returning in Fast and Furious 9 all the fans want to see Shaw back. As he did not face justice for his action against fan favourite character Han. So all the fans are waiting when Shaw will confront Han for his mistake. At least Jason Statham must appear in the final instalment to make this happen so that the justice for Han is done and this would be a sigh of relief for the fans.


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