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Fantastic Beasts 3, Will Newt be able to stop Grindelwald and his team?

It seemed that Fantastic Beasts 3 would follow a two-year release pattern and hit theaters on 20 November 2020.

The date was never set in stone and when production was pushed back by the Warner brothers, we knew that 2020 would not be for three years.
In the first part Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Newt’s three animals escape from his suitcase, causing chaos in the city.

Newt discusses his magical suitcase with Jacob, the Buck Man while he was searching for his animal.

Tina finds Newt and takes him to the magical Congress of the United States Headquarters with a suitcase to get a better position. However, Newt was abandoned because his suitcase contained only buck shells.

Newt discovered 3 of his 3 beats. Newt and Jacob are introduced to Tina, the queen’s sister. Jacob and the queen approach each other, but magicians cannot marry or meet each other if they are opposed by the law.

Newt was arrested due to the death of Henry Shaw because one of his animals must have killed the senator and Jacob’s script of the incident was erased. Tina and Newt are sentenced to death, where Queen and Jacob escape.

In return Grave helps credibility to get away from her abusive mother, she wants credibility for observation. Sakha finds a stick under her sister’s bed, Vinay, but is punished when their mother politely confronts him about the stick.

Before being sentenced, Jaber killed his daughter with a daughter named Charity. Graves comes to help with the credibility and the credibility loses its coolness. Tina approaches to try to calm the credibility but Graves uses his power, however, the credibility remains.

Newt arrives with his animals to arrest Grave, who reveals his true identity as Jello Grindelwald.

In the next part, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindle, Grindleward forms a team of Queen, Credence and Winde Rosie. Leta Lestrange sacrifices herself and before doing so she says, “I love you”.

The queen formed teams to break the laws when she refused to marry Yakub. Shrey is a teammate as she learns of her past to be Corver’s son, Lorena’s boyfriend, who is also Joseph Palar’s mother.

Joseph is handed over to kill the codeines. Dumbledore was assigned first, but since they have the credibility and commitment, they say they will not be with each other.

In the third part, will Newt try to stop Grindelwald and his team? Will the Queen fight against Jacob’s will? Will it disrupt war people? Stay tuned to learn more!

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