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Fans designed Captain Marvel costumes better than original you can have a look!


The Captain Marvel looks are one of the most powerful and aggressive in the history of the comics. But still, some of the fans have redesigned it for her which are really very impressive.

There were many costumes designed from over the years. Initially, Ms Marvel, started wearing a leotard, then after this, she came up with her classic look of a lighting bolt. And then she started wearing her red and blue bodysuit after Captain Marvel mantle was taken by Carol Danvers.


Even though Carol has redesigned costumes for her Marvel Cinematic movie, but the dress redesigned by fans are even more better and have made costumes in a unique and wild. Here are few of the redesigns by fans.

  1. RPG Captain Marvel By Organic.Vx

So here, this Instagram user Organic. Vx reimagined Captain Marvel as an RPG character. She has many common features like other marvel versions like forearm protector, the same gold, red, and blue colours, and her sash is reimagined as a cloak.

  1. Anime Captain Marvel By Deputy Rust

This interesting costume by Deputy Rust on Twitter. It’s anime-inspired marvel look. This marvel get more scarves.

  1. Warbird-Inspired Captain Marvel By Diepod-Stuff

This interesting suit is by Diepod Stuff. This costume is armored bodysuit with elements of the lightning. This shows the Marvel’s Warbird look.

  1. Armored Captain Marvel By Anthony Parenti

This costume is by Anthony Parenting which gives more of an Iron man feel. Carol gets a protective costume so as to protect herself from all the violence. It is the classic red, blue and red colour armour.

  1. High-Tech Captain Marvel By Erik Bragalyan

This look redesigned by Erik Bragalyan is a classy look which again is similar to the look of Iron man. The dress is a bit darker blue the usual blue of Carol and dull silver and hala star.

  1. Lightning Bolt Captain Marvel By CavalierTunes

This fan, CavalierTunes have given Carol a defenders style. She wears a loose jumpsuit with a lace-up boots. This dress is really comfortable.

  1. Sailor Moon Captain Marvel By Drachea Rannak

Drachea Rannak has redesigned a great look. If Captain Marvel was a sailor moon. This would have been her look surely, long legs and the short dress in Captain Marvel blue with Hala star diadem.

  1. Steampunk Captain Marvel By Mtl_nutbar

Here the fan, Mtl_nutbar has given a military look where marvel gets long, military-style coat in red with a gold Hala star belt.

  1. Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel By Gibsoncomics

Another simple yet interesting look is redesigned by a fan Gibsoncomics, the look is original colour palette of black and white. Helmet is also one part which shows that Monica is totally protected.

10.Ukiyo-E Captain Marvel By Takumi

Redesigned by Takumi, the Dan gave her a Japanese look. Her eyes are shown as beautiful and powerful. The costume is a bit difficult but it looks really is amazing.

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