Fan Spots Out The Bat Symbol In The First-Look Picture Of Bat-Mobile


For superhero movies, the fans are so particular about the accessories and logo even more than the script. When it comes to Batman is no different. Fans are so much obsessed with the design of the batmobile and the bat symbol. Whenever a new movie is going to come out the anxiety of fans is unexplainable. This article covers the bat symbol and batmobile.

All about the new bat symbol and batmobile :

The Batman reboot which is being directed by Matt Reeves has released a first look of the batmobile. All the fans were impressed with the design as it has got a more realistic look rather than an animated one taken straight out of comic with a slight modification. The engine has received some serious upgrades with red lights illuminating the decked out additions.

While one fan has observed more than anyone out there. He has observed the bat symbol in the design of the engine. Then the user named @grumpyandgreeky has posted the picture and stated that he was just staring at the back of the new Batmobile and saw the symbol of the bat within the engine design. He asked that he has seen a Batman emblem within. He asked whether it is a coincidence one or part of the design.

Words from the graphic designer :

The graphic designer of Batman has reacted to the fan’s tweet and confirmed that it is not coincidental. It is the symbol of Batmobile and that was intended. Batman still has a bat symbol on his chest. It is believed to be got from the pieces of gun that killed his parents. So even this is not a straight-up painted on the symbol. So it was quite a great observation from the fan to see the bat symbol which the never noticed while they have posted this picture as the first-look of bat-mobile.