The once upon a time famous singer Madonna is now getting serious with her bf. Madonna and her twenty-five-year-old boyfriend are not exactly rushing to the altar but all the signs point to them taking the things to the very next level cause his dad tells us that she dropped the L-word.

There is a lot of rumors that have been swirling around for months now about Madonna dating Ahlamalik Williams he is one of her backup dancers. William’s father named Drue tells some of our sources that his son and Madge are hundred percent an item and now it has gotten rotten.


For the starters, his father Drue says that his son has been dating the singer for a little over a year now. His father says that they first met back in 2015 when his son had auditioned for Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour and then that time the singer personally picked his son out of the group.

Then we come to the month of September Madonna met her boy’s toys parents in New York City after one of her shows. And just the last month the singer hosted her bf’s parents at one of her Ceasar’s Palace Shows. Then after that Drue says that Madonna invited them to her suite where Madonna’s special chef cooked them all the dinner they wanted.

Drue then says that the 61-year-old singer told them she loves their son very unconditionally and she wants to take care of him. Then Drue the father of the boy replied to this by saying Love Has No Age. Then the father also, later on, said that he is happy for his son.

The material girl and her man’s parents clearly got along cause the father says that the singer invited them to her shows in London and in France as well in early 2020. Then the father also says that she already booked their flight for her show.