Famous Hollywood Director James Cameron thinks that it is not a good idea to change


Hollywood director James Cameron says that he would not like to change anything about his life.

He says I do not think it is a good idea to change anything. If I were unhappy in my life, then you might get a different answer, James Cameron said when he was asked about what he would change about his past.


He further says that “I don’t think we know enough of casualty to be able to make a change because you could even get a butterfly effect from the innocent changes- the obvious being to go and whack Hitler before he took over.

But that will not change human nature and leaders like that will emerge. There are certain inevitabilities in it,” he added to it.

Connecting to the concept of time travel with his upcoming “Terminator: Dark Fate”, the producer said “One of the themes of the movie, to bring it back around, is that the emergence of artificial super-intelligence is inevitable.

It is what we call the ‘kick the can effect’, you know? Sarah Connor kicked the can down, by preventing ‘Judgment Day’ in 1997, but she did not prevent it from happening. It’s going to come back constantly.

It is like in chaos theory what you would call strange attractors, it’s always going to happen, probabilistically”.

He recalled an incident from the sets of Terminator Dark Fate saying that there was a moment when he first shot with Arnold on the first movie- he was watching his first day’s dailies with him.

It was about 10 days into the shoot because he joined the shoot a little late because he was working on something else.

It was a shot where he was in a police car and he’s cruising along. And his eyebrows have been burned off and his hair has been signed back and there was glycerine in his face and he looked so cold and machine-like. And Cameron was like “this is great”.

This is what a terminator would look like, cause it’s a cyborg.

Although it is the sixth installment in the franchise, it is being touted as a direct sequel to the 1991’s. The film ignores the events of the three films that released n between.