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Family Guy Season 17- Everything one should know about; Release date, Cast, Story line and Review


Read this article to know about the Release date, Cast, Story line and Review of Family guy season 17

Release date of Family guy season 17

Family guy’s season 17 was premiered on Fox, its first episode was aired on September 30th 2018 and the last at May 12th 2019 with 20 episodes.

Cast and characters

The entire series is about a family called griffin family consisting of father Peter, mother Lois, daughter Meg, son Chris, baby Stewie, and the family dog Brian, who live in their hometown of Quahog. The season’s executive producers are Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin, Richard Appel, Steve Callaghan, Danny Smith, Kara Vallow, Mark Hentemann, Tom Devanney, Patrick Meighan and Cherry Chevapravatdumrong. The season’s show runners are Sulkin and Appel. And this show is alike American dad Season 17

What is Family guy season 17 all about?

In the first episode “Married with cancer” Brian falls in love with a woman who has cancer called Jess schlotz and he decides to marry her but later regret his decision as he learns that the cancer is in remission. Then thinking what to do, he goes for Peter’s suggestion but at the same time Jess who was excited makes a surprising announcement about the marriage.

We also see Chris and Stewie vaping after the party and Later Stewie started talking to a guy called Hudson, which makes Chris jealous of him. Meanwhile peter learns a little bit after attending a self empowerment session with Lois.

In the next episode Stewie invents a shrinking machine for taking revenge at Brian for teasing him for his height, but he ends up shrinking himself and Brian in microscopic sizes, where they meets a group of water bears. Later Lois gets a surprise gift which is a gun from Carter for her birthday.

In episode 6th and 7th it is shown that how Stewie attempts to help meg with help of Brian and starts preparing for winter games and how meg successfully manages to get into Olympic team as a biathlete but things change drastically when peter ends up going to North Korea.

Meanwhile Stewie finds out about what Brian is doing and joins him in the mission. Following the death of Angela (boss) the Pawtucket brewery gets a couple bosses called Bert and Sheila who behaves bad with peter, but a sudden jackpot hits him and he is made the new face of Pawtucket Patriotil beer.

Later they show how a ghost hunt went south leading to Peter getting white hair and showing him as a local news anchor. And Brian and Stewie find out about the Chris’s addiction in online porn and teach him to leave it and go for a live one instead. In the 11th episode we see peter moving to Washington DC to become White House secretary of Donald Trump and finds out about how Trump has sexually harassed Meg earlier, but as always Trump refuses to concede.

Later after Brain’s Birthday party he feels sad as he wasn’t able to write his autobiography, where Stewie offers help in changing his mind and creating a clone of Brian. The next few episodes are pretty much alike the above described and worth watching and this show is like The Family Next Door to you, I mean your neighbors. In the second last episode we see how peter takes Meg and makes her an internet celebrity. And Meg being popular starts eating unhealthy food and losses her legs after being a diabetic patient.

And in the latter it is shown how Mayor West’s death helped Brian in the name change of James wood high to Adam West High school. As far the death of Mayor Brian decides to run for the elections making his competitor Quagmire against him where they fight with each other and having an almost death experience when the bus falls down a mountain.

Review of Family guy’s season 17

With the average review of 6.5 by IMDb, the show is a mixture of emotions mainly humor and unfortunately the season 17 was not as good as its previous seasons. This season has a really good scripted story like Trinity Seven Season 2, but it has a few unnecessary boring episodes which are not up to the level. So to conclude I might say that the season seventeen of family guy is a onetime watch, so if you haven’t watched it yet then, You can watch the season 17 of family guy on hotstar

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