Family Business Season 3 Netflix Release Date & What We Know So Far

Family Business

Family Business is a French series of the comedy genre. It is about a family who takes a drastic step and decides to change their business plans.

They decide to convert their dooming kosher butchers into one of the finest and the first French Marijuana coffee shop. The first season released last year.

Storyline Of Family Business Season 3

Season 1 traces the family’s struggle to set up this unique business idea and running it. However, the sequel shifts to a year later, where things have now settled and their startup are now blooming.

Despite their initial struggle and several setbacks in trying to set up their own Cannabis business, their perseverance pays off. And finally, their business is now all set. Season 2 embarks with the Hazan family living a grand and lavish lifestyle in the present scenario owing to the change in their business plans.

Every member appears to be more relaxed and is now deciding to expand their venture to keep up with the growing demand. However, the twist in the story comes, when Joseph Hazan, decides to shut this business one and for all.

Release Date Of Family Business Season 3

As of now, Netflix has not yet confirmed the 3rd season’s arrival. The Netflix platform is yet to make any official statement regarding the cancellation or renewal of the contract for another sequel.

Family Business-

But, till now there are only two seasons with twelve episodes of this French comedy series. With the second season’s arrival on 11th September 2020, the third season’s arrival confirmation may take a bit longer.

And in the current pandemic situation, where everything is at a halt, the third season (if the makers decide to renew then) may arrive somewhere in mid-2021. We expect an amazing and intriguing third season to be on the cards soon. So, let’s wait for the official announcement.

The Cast Of The Show

A major role behind the success of any series is contributed by the amazing star cast. The main lead characters of this amazing series include-

  • Joseph Hazan by Jonathan Cohen
  • Gerard Hazan by Gerard Darmon
  • Aure Hazan by Julia Piaton
  • Ali by Ali Marhyar
  • Mammy Hazan by Liliane Rovere.

For any more updates, stay tuned.