F Is For Family Season 4 Reviews: Cast, Plot and Storyline Detail

F is For Family

F Is For Family Season 4 Reviews: F is For Family is a comedy  TV show which started back in 2015 on Netflix. The show has got an excellent rating from the critics as well as it has been well received by the audience as well. more than 95 per cent of the viewers have liked the show so far and according to Rotten Tomatoes, the show has got 86 per cent fresh rating which is not bad at all.

F Is For Family Season 4 Cast and Crew

The show is directed by Sylvain Lavoie and it is written by Michael Price, Henry Gammill, David Richardson, Valeri Vaugh, Joe Heslinga, Jessica Lee, Joe Piarulli, Luan Thomas,  Bill Burr, Sam Stefanak, and Marc Wilmore. It stars Bill Burr, Laura Dern, Justin Long, Haley Reinhart, Debi Derryberry, Sam Rockwell, Trevor Devall, Mo Collins, Phil Hendrie, Kevin Michael Richardson, David Koechner, Kevin Farley, Jonathan Banks, and more.

The story of the show revolves around Frank and his father, Bill Murphy as they try to fill the decades-long gap between them, and how their conflict impacts everything around them.

F Is For Family Season 4 Reviews

F Is For Family Season 4

This show is pretty much aware of the fact that it has used Frank, Bill Jr., Kevin, Sue, and Maureen’s sudden outbursts for the comedic effect. But in the fourth season of the show, the writers give it weight by showing that it is due to years of abuse and some unattended mental wounds that have only been aggravated by the distinct neglect for the middle-class people and families and their troubles.

And yes, they do use it for the comedy effect. However, a lot of the interactions involving Bill Sr. Frank, and Kevin pause before reaching the peak, and also the characters go into introspection mode. And I think that that is a brilliant change of pace as it not only preserves the brand comedy it is known for but also asks its viewers to maybe sit down with their family members and then hash out the root of their differences before it is too late.


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