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Extraordinary Supporters Gave Rise To Mod Transforms Resident Evil 3 Into Dino Crisis

Old school survival spectacle devotees may have been spoiled rotten by Capcom with the Resident Evil 3 remake, but for presently, at least, it looks like the celebrated Japanese office has no attention in reimagining other precious portions of its back catalog.

We are, of course, relating to Dino Crisis which, despite repeated visits from enthusiasts for the sequel to obtain its modernization, continues little more than an enjoying memory.

For what it’s worth, Capcom has never outright disclosed its posture on the consequence one way or the other, though that hush has certainly directed to the emergence of numerous tales with hardly bad information to deliver.

Productive Resident Evil leaker AestheticGamer (AKA Dusk Golem) has played back multiple times in the history that the Dino Crisis IP continues on ice, with maximum, if not all, direct and resources for the yet somewhat opening genre being poured into providing current installments of Resident Evil taking off ahead.

With that announced, the bigmouth has emphasized the significance of giving rise to one’s voice listened to and that the creator truly does deem such feedback incredibly.

Until that moment gets to, still, modder Darkness Valtier has assembled their own opinion of what a Dino Crisis remake could look like utilizing Resident Evil 3 as the basis, and you can dig into some footage for yourself via the video above.

It’s not the extensively cleaned mod you’ve probably ever seen, admittedly, but Valtier characterizes this iteration of the mod as largely a test and hopes to continue expanding upon what’s already current in the future.

Actually, in such an early scene, the probable for moral prehistoric spectacle is already obvious in the aptly-named “Dino Evil 3” and we can’t hold up to watch how the project formulates.



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