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EXCLUSIVE: The technical director of Frozen 2 opened the secret of special effects

Frozen 2, which broke Disney’s worldwide record of its film The Lion King on the first weekend, has set a new record in the first weekend of animation films in India. Indian-origin technical director Joseph Norman of Disney Animation Studio has played a key role in creating the forests, trees, and sea seen in Frozen 2.

Frozen 2

The market for animation films in India is continuously increasing, is the changing trend of Indian audience towards cinema a big reason?


The market for India cinema is undoubtedly large. But, for this only reason, it is not right for me to jump into the Indian cinema market for business. As far as Disney is concerned, this company knows how to create a feeling among people. It has the power to give people the idea of ​​creating a better world.

Cinema should be made only when it touches the hearts of the people, making their lives better. I believe that while watching cinema, a smile should float on people’s faces and it should help people to live a better life.

After spending 25 years in India, you are working here at Disney Animation Studio in America, what kind of animation film would you like to make yourself?

The first intention of making cinema is that it should touch the hearts of the audience. The stories of films tell us about our life experiences. I have spent 25 years of my life in India, so obviously when I sit down to write a story, I will not be able to ignore these experiences.

Then what thoughts will flare in my mind, I cannot say this, but every day spent in India is the precious heritage of my life. I was the only Jewish child in school. Even in college, I was the only Jew. All my friends are still there. So there are many stories, but everything depends on time.

After DreamWorks, you came to Disney Animation Studio, your work in Big Hero 6 was highly appreciated and now Frozen 2 is also winning accolades, what was the special contribution of the technical team to this film?

Big Hero 6

As the technical director of the studio, my job is to provide a facility to the people working on an animation film that can take their imagination on screen. The film Frozen 2 you’ve seen has a new top of the tree animation show. Flying leaves, branching branches are all new forms of computer graphics and animation.

If you have mentioned making water now, water is stagnant, then it is not very difficult to make it in the animation but it is not easy to create lures in water or to show any character with it. Now as if the film’s character is Gayle. It has no shape.

However, making the presence of the atmosphere around him and making his presence felt, this is the challenge of the technical team in any animation film. I developed special tools for these scenes from the film Frozen 2.

What are the memories of India by staying here in the US that keeps you intrigued?

I had many friends when I was young. Now I am old, so I have my own family. As we grow older, the environment around us changes. Now this is my life which has changed or if I have come to America from India then this is change, it is a matter of thinking.

I miss my friends here a lot. There are a lot of memories associated with Indian food. There are many Indian restaurants here in America, but the best Indian food can be found in India only.

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