EXCLUSIVE: ‘Jumanji the Next Level Scope Spans in Many Directions’ – Dwayne Johnson


Jumanji The Next Level, the next film of the Jumanji series which gave a shock at the box office to franchises like Star Wars in its last episode, is going to be released in India next week.

Apart from English, the film, which is being released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, is anticipated to have a worldwide record opening. There is a lot of interest among children and teenagers about Jumanji The Next Level.


New actors like Danny Glover, Danny Di Vito and Akwavafina are also joining the story this time in Jumanji the Next Level.

Fan following the film’s hero Dwayne Johnson’s Wrestling Ring has been working in his favor in China and India since the beginning.

The story of Johnson, who is going to be seen in a superpower character in the next DC Comics film, has become quite interesting according to a sequel.

In an exclusive meeting with media, Dwayne Johnson says, “Just like there is an epic whose scope extends across ten directions, so is this new game of Jumanji.

Jumanji’s game tries to keep everyone in its grip and due to this, every time there is a new kind of pressure on the artists.

Apart from this, the technique, photography, location and special effects of the film along with the story are also next level.

This time the game is adding many new characters and I am sure my fans in India will enjoy Jumanji The Next Level in this winter holiday season. ”