Marvel Studio is now coming up with something new. After Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios could be more diverse with some of the projects like The Eternals on the horizon. The President of Marvel Studios addressed in April 2018 that there will be a film based on Jack Kirby’s The Eternals is under progress.

By September 2018, Marvel Studios revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that they had hired the Chinese director Chloe Zhao. In July 2019, the film was then officially announced at the San Diego Comic-Con.


The Eternals

Most of us don’t know who are the Eternals. Eternals are the superhumans created by the alien experiment a million years ago. Though they come together physically with the humans, they have acquired the gamut of powers like super-strength and then energy projection. They are not immortals but they are long-lived and this thing keeps them away from their human cousins.

The Eternals once lived in the space colonies and they protected the Earth from the threats of genetically deformed and many such things. Existing throughout history, The Eternals have greatly influenced the Greek, Norman, and Norse Mythology. The comic of the Eternals portrays a few dozens of them, but the movie focuses majorly on the two significant ones, Sersi and Ikaris.

The Eternals majorly follows a very large group of titular immortals that dwells throughout the whole history. A leak suggests that an era of Babylon in the 800 BC as a setting. Another leak as shown in Game Of Thrones fame, who find the evidence about the existing of the Eternals. The release date for The Eternals was confirmed by Marvel Studios.

The movie will be released by November 6th next year, making it the second film to join the league after Black Widow coming in May.


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