Everything You Need To Know About, “HOW IT ENDS” (2018)

The story of a young man who navigates the way from Chicago to Seattle, along his future father-in-law, to reach his pregnant wife in a life-changing situation. 


Have you ever dreamt of an end of the world scenario where everything just seems impossible? From your subconscious mind to the screen of your devices, Netflix brings to you, “How It Ends”, the story of a young man who navigates the way from Chicago to Seattle, along his future father-in-law, to reach his pregnant wife in an apocalyptic situation. 

Release Date: 13th July 2018 

Running time: 114 minutes

Cast Of “How It Ends”

Directed by David M. Rosenthal, the movie stars,

  • Kat Graham as Sam Sutherland
  • Theo James as Will Younger
  • Forest Whitaker as Tom Sutherland, Sam’s father
  • Nicole Ari Parker as Paula Sutherland, Sam’s mother
  • Grace Dove as Ricki
  • Mark O’Brien as Jeremiah
  • Eric Keenleyside as Sheriff Reynolds

What Is “How It Ends” About?

The movie revolves around a young couple in Seattle, Will Younger and Sam Sutherland who are expecting their first child. Will flies to Chicago to officially ask her father, Tom Sutherland for permission to marry her. What starts out as a formal and kind act in his personal life, turns out to be a life-changing event for him. Suddenly, the electricity is shut down and communication gets disrupted. Desperate to reach Sam in Seattle,  Will and Tom decide to drive across the country to reach her and ensure her safety.

More than half of the screen time is taken up by the journey of Will and Tom, who bond over the apocalyptic situation they are in. The two are faced with endangering situations, various accidents and hardships to reach Sam. 

How Does “How It Ends” End?

Initially appealing, the movie slowly takes an ambiguous turn and finally reaches an uneventful destination. There are a lot of things happening such as the radios are down, military planes are flying through downtown Chicago, but we can’t seem to understand why. Hoping that the reason and the cause will be revealed later into the movie, the journey of two men continues monotonously.

The lengthy road trip, with very few developments, reaches the final stop when Will finally reaches Sam. But another earthquake and volcanic eruption happens and this time both Will and Sam drive away. The film comes to end without a proper explanation of the series of events that followed. 

The cause of the events are left unanswered and the viewer’s wonder. 

Reviews Received

If I were to generalize the movie based on the feedback it got, I would say the movie was received a bit more critically. There was a lot more that was expected from the movie after the trailer was released. The filmmakers keep the viewer engaged only for the viewer to be disappointed as the story unfolds. Failing to justify the events, led to the dissatisfaction of the viewer and further losing interest in the movie. 

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Should You Watch It Or Not?

It would be unfair to say that you shouldn’t watch this movie at all. The movie thrives on the visual composition, special effects and effective screenplay. It is a well-produced and acted film and should definitely be watched if you enjoy being left curious at the end of the movie.

If you can stick through the interestingly vague plotline, then go ahead and watch the movie. 

Check out the trailer here: 

A Little Spoiler..

Tom dies due to a rib injury.

The movie overall lives up to the expectations of an action thriller film. It has a captivating story line and is executed well on the production part. Do check out the movie, only on Netflix.