All the good and awesome season have to come to an end one day, and now it seems like a crime thriller Criminal Minds that is quite the popular sure has run many as fifteen seasons so far. However, CBS announced that the show is sadly coming to an end in this year January 2019.

The season is coming to an end. CBS has quite a few valid reasons behind the sudden cancellation of the show that they were producing. According to the channel, it is said that it has undergone quite the revamping, and then it seems as though Criminal Minds does not fit the bill.

However they have been cutting down on some episodes in each of the seasons, and the very last season to be released would have less than ten events, which is quite a few deductions.

Apart from the episodes cut-down, there was a rumor that there is some rivalry among the cast members. This apparent feud has then led to many members suddenly leave the show. Then it seems like the channel does not want any unnecessary drama or any kind of mid-action from the casts.

To top it, all most of the main characters have left the franchise which made them very hard. Like the members, the creators are also planning to discard the show. It all makes some sense that CBS had canceled the show. But there is absolutely no point in dragging the show without the main or the known faces after all these years.

The show has been running since 2015 and the show has been quite the popular one with as many as three hundred episodes. However, it seems like the show is slowly falling to hold on to its viewers before all these new ages show.

The rating for the show has been deciding for quite a while now, and then CBS has some valid reasons that led to the cancellation of the famous show.