Altered Carbon is also one of the series which has good box office collection. It has many flaws but there is no doubt that there is plenty to enjoy.

This story is based on the novel of the same name itself by Richard K Morgan. The sci-fi series is also set in the future when the people’s conciseness can be put into new human sleeves. The part ten season only follows a violent mercenary who is put in a new sleeve again to solve the murder of the wealthiest man in the whole world.


It feels like that forever since the first episode dropped, and then without our own sleeves to swap into, our bodies are ageing by the minute while we wait.

Lately, Morgan has revealed that if all the things go well, the show will probably run for five seasons so if we are binged the first run of episodes then you should know things given below.

Altered Carbon second season of this series have been officially announced by Netflix and the shooting started in early February and Vancouver. The season two was filmed under the working title of Sleeves and then filming reportedly ran for a total of four months before wrapping up on June 25th.

This means that we are still on track to see the new season on February this year. Two years after the season one’s debut. Which is one of the exciting things indeed for all of us.

We could have got this even more earlier season two is of two episodes shorter than season one, with having only eight instalments to put together, so there is a very high chance of Netflix could have dropped the show earlier than the debut season.

No matter how or for how much we wait, it is very much reassuring to know that the new season two will be capable in good hands. The creator spent his fifteen years developing the whole project before season one dropped and then she will be returning alongside Alison Schaper, who will also act as the co-showrunner.

The cast will be the same, this is confirmed by the team and we are happy about it. We just want them to release this very soon.