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Everything we know about the season seven of CW series: The 100

TheEverything we know about the season seven of CW series: The 100

The news is quite widespread that the sixth season of the 100, the CW series has been released. And now, it’s The 100 Season Six is going to air very soon.

Indeed, even Mark Pedowitz, the CW manager reported alongside Jason Rothenberg, the executive producer that there were many thoughts for season six and season seven in their minds long back to in January of a year ago.

As per our expected time season, season seven should go live somewhere around spring because the given filming of the show has just started in August. What’s more, true to form just as it was expected, the show has undergone post-production and it is taking quite some time and investment to include some embellishments to the show.

Clarke Griffin, whose character would be played by Eliza Taylor would be most certainly featured in this Seventh Season of The 100. Considerably other cast individuals would include them Octavia Blake played by Marie Avgeropoulos, Monty Green played by Christopher Larkin, Raven ReyesBob played by Lindsey Morgan and Bellamy Blake to be played by Morley.

A star who was featured as a guest star in Season Five Finale and then turned into the full part in season Six will be there in seventh season.

The 100 would be founded on Kass Morgan’s arrangement of dystopian Young Adult books was already expected yet after it was released we became acquainted with that it has included considerably more than that.

Despite the fact that the Season Seven of The 100 would for the most part revolve around The Anomaly , just as one would expect given the grown-up Hope curve. The revealing being clearly marvelous and the reality given that Hope is roundabout in her early stages of twenties.



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