Everything About Starstruck Comedy Series!


Starstruck is the comedy series of 2021 which is written by Rose meta fear and allies it is directed by Karen Maine, and starring Matafeo and Nikesh Patel with Minidriver as this special guest second series of this comedy drama was Commission before the first series arrived.

Starstruck Cast

Rose Method of You Please the Role of Jessie
Nikesh Patel Plays the Role of Tom Kapoor
Minnie Driver Plays the Role of Cath
Emma Sidi Plays the Role of Kate
Sindhu Vee Plays the Role of Sindhu
Al Roberts Plays the Role of Ian
John Pointing Plays the Role of Dan
Joe Barnes  Plays the Role of Joe
Nic Sampson Plays the Role of Steve
Lola Rose Maxwell Plays the Role of Sarah
Abraham Popoola Play the Role of Jacob
Smbreen Razia  Plays the Role of Shivani Nadiya Parkes  Plays the Role of Sophie Diller
Liz Kingsman Plays the Role of Liz


Starstruck Release Date

As per the reports it is discovered that this  is released in the year 2021 on July 13 the comedy series Starstruck is released under BBC and HBO Max

Story of Starstruck

A small town girl in Michigan, Jessica Olsen, I want to just stay at home and hope that she is grounded until she is 30 but her whole family visits her grandmother in Los Angeles. She Goes expecting a low key holiday.

But she makes the superstar Christopher wealthy. Deco on an inventor and slowly she was falling love for him but but she was having the crush by him when she goes back to Michigan she was heartbroken.

But, Kristofer wants to prove that she is safe from the pub Razi so he follow her back to Michigan and he proves this Jessica was not more happier as he asked her for the first date.

 Starstruck Episodes

Episode 1 N Y E
Episode 2 Chris Klein
Episode 3 Spring
Episode 4 Scott  Thomasson Sara Polly
Episode 5 Summer
Episode 6 Christmas
Episode 7 M Night Shyamalan
Episode 8 Josh Hartnett Rosebery
Episode 9 Episode 9
Episode 10 Orlando Bloom
Episode 11 Martin Short
Episode 12 Jimmy Fallon Queen Latifah Episode 13 Jude Law Make Jagger
Episode 14 Tom Green Brooke Shields Episode 15 Mary
Episode 16 Andrea

Starstruck Where To Watch

Most of the famous streaming sites are provided you in the article so you can reach them very easily season 1 is available on Karva Plus HBO Max Amazon Prime video

Starstruck Reviews

This is the most important part yours views are most important the audience rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars it is known that this is the diversity between two main leads this series is going to love by the audience.

It is humorous without being an a link the Jessica character is lost Tom was so handsome and humorous this was the comedy movie of life it is appreciated and it was attempting to normalise the relationship that can be normalised.

She played the role to perfection audience want audience wants to see the similar type of comedy romantic movies the performances were very good the movie was leading to success joyful and Orphan movie.

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It was really very well written and easily washed the content was fighting for getting the attention of the where’s the famous lead role of the movie was hilarious Li this movie shows the pleasant surprise to find and enjoy the great great lead actress was very funny and hard bombing this was the charming movie this movie is the club of fun real romantic modern side happy and quickly all at the same time at the same place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Starstruck 2?

Starstruck 2 will be back for the second Go Round HBO Max has renewed this series and produced by John Oliver and breeders producer Evalyn television for the second season.

How Old Was Jessica Insta Struck?

Jessica Orson is 15 years old girl from Kalamazoo Michigan.

Is Starstruck a Good Movie?

Starstruck isn’t the best movie on Disney but it’s enjoyable and cute. The songs are very catchy and not bad except the last song of the movie that repeats the lyrics over and over. It was implied by the audience that the acting was also getting rough at some points but it was this really good movie.

What Beach Do They Go to in Starstrucks?

The beach at palos verdes which was the favourite location of Sterling Nights. It was the gorgeous beach in the palace which I had never seen before. The location was really exciting for someone.

Who Was Supposed to Be in Starstruck?

Sterling Sand Mann knight who was born in 1989 on March 5 is an American actress singer and he is known for his role in Chad Dila cooper in the Disney Channel.

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Who Was the Protagonist Insta Trucks?

Christopher wealthy was the one of the protagonists of Disney channel original series starstruck he was 17 year old team his main interest was Jessica olsen.


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