every stark member on the basis on intelligence best show


“The game of thrones” has been the most iconic fictional television series ever.

It has been regarded as a cult classic because of the vast storyline which is beautifully interwoven.


In this universe, the house of stark is one of the oldest families in the Westeros.

Their origins have been traced back to 8000 years to the first man of Westeros, before the visit of the Andals and the first long night.

This this family stress includes Honour, Bravery, naivety and predicting what’s the best thing for others.

with a brief history established it is safe to say that the Starks are not intelligent.

This is a list of 10 most intelligent stocks and has been rank in order.

This does not include John or Catelyn.

Though they possess stark blood their last names( Snow and Targaryen)differ.

As for Catelynshe married into the house of stark.

Rickon Stark:

It is unfair to have this character on this list as he was only a child on the show and could not grow into an intelligent person.

However, he was alive and he was seen equal to his Direwolf Shaggy dog as they were called wild and ferocious.

Brandon Stark:

This character was the brother of Nad and Benjen stark.

He was killed by the mad king

when he went to demand for his sister’s freedom.

The deaths of Brandon and Rickard his father makes net say that the Starks don’t do well in the south.

He is placed in number 10 because at the time of his death, what was right next to him and he could have saved his and his father’s life.

The list continuous ranking from Rickard Stark who died along with Brandon, to Robb stark, to Ned stark known for his naive nature but trusted Ceresi hence leading to his death, to Benjen stark who would9:30 knowledge of the lines beyond the boundaries as well as its survival methods, to Aryastark who is considered to be a clever character both mentally and physically which turned into her desired become a Knight rather become a princess, to Sansa stark and Bran stark who fans think is not really stark although he has a knowledge but no intelligence.