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Every Shows and Movies Coming to Netflix in May, 2020 – Release Dates, Previews and more


Credit: What's On Netflix

Welcome to a very early look at everything scheduled to come to Netflix during May 2020. This list will be updated with the additions set to hit on Netflix in the United States throughout April and May 2020.

Netflix Originals are still a dominant part of the Netflix lineup and May is different. There’s lots of fresh Netflix Originals to be eager for. Our top picks are Space Force, the new show from the creator and main star of NBC’s The Office. We are also psyched for its restricted string Hollywood due on the first of the month. You can find an expanded look in the Netflix Originals coming in May here.


As always, not only will you May 2020 see new releases, it’ll also see names render too.

Currently Announced List of What is Coming to Netflix in May 2020

What is Coming to Netflix on May 1st

What is Coming to Netflix on May 4th

Arctic Dogs (2019) — Animated title featuring the voices of Jeremy Renner, Heidi Klum and James Franco about an arctic fox working in the mailroom.

What is Coming to Netflix on May 6th

Hangman (2017) — Al Pacino stars in this crime drama about a detective pursuing a killer who models his kills based on the board game.
Workin Moms (Season 4) New — Canadian comedy series continues on Netflix.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 7th

Scissor Seven (Season 2) New — more anime battles within this show about the power struggle between several warring factions.

What is Coming to Netflix on May 8th

What is Coming to Netflix on May 11th

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 15th

Chichipatos (Season 1) New — Spanish comedy series
She-Ra and the Princess of Power (Season 5) New — The final season of the Dreamworks animated series on She-Ra.

What is Coming to Netflix on May 23rd

Spelling the Dream (2020) New — Documentary Taking a Look at the ups and downs of four pupils competing at the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

What is Coming to Netflix on May 25th

Uncut Stone (2019) — The superb Adam Sandler drama directed from the Safdie Brothers that struck cinemas last year. The film is known as an Original why it’s getting a Netflix US launch.

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 28th

La Corazonada (2020) New — Argentinian thriller (also Called The Hunch)

What’s Coming to Netflix on May 31st

Space Force (Season 1) N — Debut period of this Steve Carrell/Greg Daniels mockumentary series about an elite group of individuals working within the newly formed Space Force.

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