Even if Your Monthly Payments Stop, You Could Be Able To Collect Additional $1,800 per Child in the Form of a Child Tax Credit


As the stimulus check payments have been going on from the starting of the year the last child tax credit check is going to go out this  Wednesday.

But, This is not a thing to worry about as more stimulus check payments would be coming out in 2022.


If you have already signed up for your money refund direct deposit your payment should be arriving by tomorrow that is December 15th otherwise by the end of the month.

it has been told repeatedly that due to the holiday season the payments might get delayed.

If in any case, you have been wondering that what is coming up next or what payments could be possibly received in 2022 this is all you need to know.

  • If you have received each and every payment between July and December and your family meets the income eligibility requirements then you could get how much up to $1800 for east child age 5 or younger or up to $1500 for each child who is aged between 6 or 17.
  • If you haven’t received your payment yet due to any error and provided you have already opted for it, You will get the full amount at once which is $3,600.
  • To extend or do not extend the program the debate is still going on.
  • on November 19 the ‘build-back better’ program was launched by the House Democrats that would extend the advance child tax credit for one year.

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  • If you have not received any of your payments until now you can use the file a payment trace or track Your check options from the IRS website.