Even if You Have Been Vaccinated, You Must Wear a Face Mask Indoors

California Announces Mandatory Indoor Mask Mandate Despite Vaccination Status

Starting this week, all Californians must wear face masks in public indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status.

Dr. Mark Ghaly, the state’s health secretary, announced the mask requirement by teleconference on Monday. The rule takes effect on Dec. 15 and lasts through Jan. 15.


Tyrone Belcher and Crystal Vasquez of the Explicit Barbershop in North Park will have to be ready for it on Wednesday.

“Safety is vital. Belcher says they are in constant communication with their clientele.

“So, ideally, by wearing a mask, we can halt or restrict the spread of this new viral strain. “But it’s not profitable,” Vasquez remarked.

Most vaccinated individuals were accustomed to not concealing their faces inside.

“In a mask, it’s hard to exercise. So that’s why I’m not thrilled to hear it. But if that’s the rule, I’ll follow it “Mariana Constable, exiting a North Park gym.

Ghaly said unvaccinated Californians who attend “mega” events (groups of 1,000 or more) must have a negative PCR COVID-19 test within two days or a fast test within one day.

Travelers to or from California are requested to take a COVID-19 exam 3-5 days after arrival.

Ghaly said the necessity is due to a 50% rise in COVID-19 cases after Thanksgiving. Ghaly stated that counties failing to vaccinate individuals had a higher state case rate.

An expert warns that the omicron form is now arriving in San Diego and other areas of the state.

“The rapid spread of this variation in the US necessitates us returning to masking for both unvaccinated and vaccinated protection,” stated Dr. Francesca Torriani of UCSD Health.

To be compliant with current state regulations, masks are only necessary within public transportation facilities such as airports, hospitals and elder care institutions, schools and penal facilities.

The state already mandates unvaccinated persons to wear masks in public restrooms, but the new law applies to everyone.

Torriani told ABC 10News on Monday that the mandate may be extended.

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“If individuals refuse to get vaccinated. “We need extremely high immunization rates to safeguard individuals who can’t be vaccinated or are immunocompromised,” Torriani added.

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