Euphoria Season 2 on HBO: release date, cast and extra details.


These days are about what young people want and how they will compare themselves to this world. The main changes in youth come from adolescents. Sam Levinson created a teen drama series in America based on the Israeli miniseries Euphoria.

So far, Euphoria is on the road with the only season, but with 8 episodes that will be aired on HBO starting June 16, 2019.


Happiness had sparked disputes over his understanding of the world in high schools, which were flooded with physical, opium, and brutal violence after screens hit the United States. Whatever it is, although it is surprising to some, it is also an instant achievement that makes the topic of investigation such as habit, physical, and space abuse seem rude, brave, and real.

HBO has confirmed the following season, but there is currently no official launch date. It will be released in June in the US according to a scheme similar to the peak season.

The British debut will also continue in August. Add this page to your favorites to receive notifications when the date is officially announced.


Zendaya’s return was rather confusing because fans felt like he had eaten and died at the end of the season.

But the producer confirmed that he was very alive. But there is a discussion about how the character will play this role in the next season.

Angus Cloud is a local drug dealer, Fez. There are also newcomers in season two, but nothing has been announced today.

But I do not expect many reunions, because the history of the season contains many different things than before.


In the final episode of “And the Earth is Yours,” Ethan apologizes to Kat and leaves. Julie played with Anna and content.

And he admitted to Lou that he was angry with himself and Anna. Nate opposed Nate’s attacks on Cal and Fesco’s sexual practices, Nate’s former attraction in Jules. He takes steps to expose Carl’s adventures, and Nate insults him for his loyalty to Julie.

He asked Jules to voluntarily leave the city but finally left. Jules started alone. Melancholy Rue received feedback on the day his father left. In this memory, he was tall after the death of his father and met with a pure heart.