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“Euphoria” Season 2 : Latest Updates And Intruding Facts From The Past Series.




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This is an adaption from Israeli show of the same name ” Euphoria “. This series tells the story of a 17-year-old teenager. She is a drug addict and just now relieved herself from the rehab. This hit the people a lot immensely. The characters around the problematic teenager Rue makes people completely engaged with it. Especially the cliffhanger season 1 finale scenes made the fans more curious.

The characters that will get you engaged in :

Rue, the main lead and the narrator for our story. She is a problematic seventeen-year-old drug addict. Struggling a lot to make herself a place in this world. Lexi Howard being the childhood best friend of Rue and Cassie’s younger sister. There is a lot in store for her character in future. Fez a local drug lord and the thing most important about him is that he is close to Rue. Nate Jacob is a high school athlete and his anger issues always mask his sexual insecurities. Cal Jacob is the father of Nate who is hiding secrets from his family. Maddy Perez is Nate’s girlfriend. Jules Vaughn who is a transgender out in town. She befriends Rue very quickly leading them in a strange unsteady relationship. Christopher Mckay a young footballer and Cassie’s boyfriend who is having difficulties adjusting to college. Cassie Howard being Lexi’s older sister and girlfriend of Christopher. Her infamous sexual past continues to affect her life.

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Is Lexi going to express her feelings to Rue?

It is clear that Lexi’s character is going to be in broad light in future. Her feelings towards Rue is the actual matter of concern. She was not just the childhood best friend of Rue. There are a lot of backstories yet to be known. In past, they have shown that Lexi’s first kiss was also with Rue. It is shown clearly that Lexi was a lot depressed, upset and jealous after listening words from Rue’s sister about the relation between Rue and Jules. Even in the first season finale, we can see that Lexi is expressing her feeling out. So fans must wait for season two to untie all these things. As Euphoria finished just in mid-summer, fans must definitely wait for more than a year for the season 2.

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About season 2 by the Creator :

The creator of this teen show, Sam Levinson said that team was a lot happy for the success of the first season of euphoria. So there are making season 2 with a lot of drama stuff. So he declined by telling the plot and further said that all the fan theories were false. He further said that the season-ending was dark enough to impress the fans and make the wait for season 2.

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