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Essay writing; Everything should you know before writing an essay!!

What is Essay Writing?

Essay writing is nothing but writing in a piece of paper the information that is required to share your idea or propose a debate or express your emotions. It is a way of writers to communicate their thoughts into words and present it to the world.

Essay Writing shall be done with a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 5000+ words to be called an essay, but mostly it is 1000-2000 word essays, To make your work easy, you can very well hire a writer to write a professional essay writing.

The genre of the essay can be given to the writer or they themselves take a topic of their interest, the topics of the essay could be anything from technology to economics or art or culture, it can even be food which we love right?!

Essay writing; Everything should you know before writing an essay!!

People love to read and write essay on the topic they love or sometimes they are forced to check essays online for academic purposes whatever it may be but essay play a really important role in our lives!!

So let us see what Essay Writing is all about!

There are 3 things you should keep in mind while writing an essay and they are

1. Central point or thesis

So far of what essay is all about the main idea of essay is to share the central idea of the topic, so you should ask yourself before writing an essay that, “What is this essay all about?” and make sure that the answer to the question is justified till we reach the conclusion. The central point will then be followed by all the facts and data that support the essay and make it even much fruitful for the reader, so make sure you don’t shift your topics and continue with the central idea entirely, in order to maintain the interest of the reader!!

2. Type of essays

There are many kind of essays just like the other form of writings, so it is really necessary to make sure the type of essay you want to write based on the demand of the topic, so that what you write can keep your audience engaged. There are many types of essay but these are the most used ones:-

  • Argumentative essay

Argumentative essay are most commonly used in a school or college as to test student’s skills in writing an essay, so make sure you know how to write one!


  • Persuasive essay

This essay means to persuade or make understand the reader of a certain topic. It is just like the previous one but the difference here is that in Argumentative essay you have to present the argument and in this one you have to make sure that the reader agrees to you.

  • Compare and contrast essay

In this type you compare 2 topics and give equal importance to both and make sure to conclude it neatly.

  • Personal essay

Personal essay are nothing but writing about experiences and life, which is considered to be easy.

  • Expository essay

Expository essay explains a topic briefly for the reader to enhance their knowledge in the same and share only what is useful.

Essay writing; Everything should you know before writing an essay!!

3. Know your audience

Always consider you reader, whether it is a teacher or your boss or is it a friend, because your essay style depends on your reader and that is formal or informal!! It really plays an important role in the writing of essay and can change the mind of the reader.

Final words

Writing an essay is not an easy job as such, but it can be made easy with practice and by keeping the above things in your mind, so make sure to write an essay which is as awesome as you are!!

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