Escape Room 3 Latest Updates: Is It Officially Confirmed?

Escape Room 2 has just made ito the screen and as the movie was released, fans were super excited to watch the show after such a long break. The thriller and Sci-fi movie that was initially released on 2019 has just released its sequel. With the show being cast Zoey and Ben again on the film, will we be able to see Escape Room 3?

As the second part of the film is released, it makes quite a sense that the showrunners are not stopping here. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions has been a hope for all the audience. But as the film was released, it gains quite mixed comments by the audience. 


After watching the film, I must say that the creators have leave some of the deep holes in the story that are needed to film. Some fans criticized the creators for extending the movie without any great plot and that’s because all the conflicts arose. 

After the sequel premiered, there came a wave of feedback and opinions by the fans and critics. The reviews are not really great, but fans are still hoping to see Escape Room 3. 

If you have watched the sequel fo the movie you would know that teh show had a dramatic ending. It further raise the hopes of returning the Minos, with Zoey and Ben getting again trapped in the story. The audience wants to see what’s the future of these both holds and how would they survive in the next run?

Escape Room 3 Confirmed: Is it Happening?

Escape Room 3

So far there are no updates regarding the renewal status of this series. As far as the viewers are concerned, the creators have not yet revealed whether the series will be back on the track or not? While fans are hoping to see another chapter of the film, it is particularly too early for anyone to predict. 

Moreover, for the showrunners, it would be too early to comment or announce any renewal news. The film is just released and as the audience are too busy to watch it, there is no renewal news. 

What makes all the audience wonder about the third sequel is the show’s ending. After the sequel was released, the story has left on such a major cliffhanger which raises many questions about the expected plot. 

There is a high possibility for the film series to release its third sequel. When asked to Adam Robitel, the director of the film regarding the possibility of extending the film for another chapter, he said, We’ll see! I always say, let’s see if there’s a desire for it. It all comes down to bucks as they say.”

The second part of the series has already received mixed reviews by the fans but that doesn’t overall describe the future. With the budget of $15 Million Dollars only, the show grossed around $155.7 Million dollars till now. 

With such a portable movie, how can we expect the creators to make another chapter? To conclude this, we are sure that the show would be back with another sequel as there are already a lot of things to be covered on. Secondly, the film sequel ended on a cliffhanger and if the series have to be wrapped off, there should be a satisfactory ending. 

Thirdly, the creators won’t take any chance to leave the thriller film behind as the fans are super excited to watch it. All these things are enough to predict that escape Room 3 holds high potential. 

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Escape Room 3 Expected Release Date Details 

Escape Room 3

Escape Room was initially released in 2019 and after the series ends, the creators have announced the renewal of the second part. Escape Room: Tournaments of Champions was planned to release in 2019 but as the global pandemic happens, it stopped the production of the film. The disease becomes a major hurdle in the future production of the movie. 

As it happens, the showrunners have to postpone the sequel again and again. Until the end of 2020, it was officially confirmed that the sequel would happen in 2021. 

Escape Room: Tournaments of Champions was released on 16 July 2021. After the series gets a proper finishing and raises many questions about Escape room 3, fans are looking for more details. 

If the Escape Room 3 would happen, it would probably be released in 2022 or 2023. Since there are no renewal updates for it, the creators still need to reveal the future pans so that the fans can look after it. 

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Escape Room 3: Who is going to Cast in the Film?

Escape Room 3 updates

Sony Pictures have already delayed the release date of the movie and as the film series have finally made into the Screen, another thing that the viewers are looking at about the cast, if the cast have sufficiently played well in the movie, it would have ultimately led to the great response by the fans. 

If the Escape Room 3 gets confirmed, I would probably ex[ecting every cast to return as their major roles. Because so far, we have not witnessed any news regarding any conflicts or the disagreement of the stars for the film. 

The show follows Zoey Davi and Ben Miller, who are young college boys and the other is a stock boy at the grocery store. The series revolves around their lives. The character of Zoey Davis is played by Taylor Russell and Ben Miller by Logan Miller. In the finale episodes, we saw how these two get safe but there is again the possibility of Minos returning.

  • Taylor Russell as Zoey Davis
  • Logan Miller as Ben Miller
  • Deborah Ann Woll as Amanda Harper
  • Tyler Labine as Mike Nolan
  • Nik Dodani as Danny Khan
  • Jay Ellis as Jason Walker
  • Yorick van Wageningen as the Gamemaster

Escape room 3 Plot: What is it going to be?

escape room 3

We see how Zoey and Ben have proof that they have successfully finished Minos and also proofs all these in the Murderous escape room, however soon we found out that they both are followed by the Minos. 

In the third sequel, we will see that Zoey and Ben are trying to keep everything low and get on track by defeating Minos back. A lot of things have happened after the first part. Now the Police station and all the news have been talking about the Minos and all these are manufactured by Minos. 

The third sequel will again start the story by showing all these things. We would probably see a lot of new dramas. In an interview, the creator spoke about the plot and said, 

“Does movie three pick up right on the plane, or is it going in a different direction? I like the idea of opening a movie with the people watching it, like the assholes who actually watch these games, like they should be thrown into an escape room,”

He further added, “Because they’re the real problem, right? They’re the rubberneckers, they’re the ones in the Coliseum watching the gladiators be fed to the lions. So let’s see them get their just desserts.”

Or could it be that Amanda is actually in on the whole thing – and is Minos? “I’d love to open a movie with Deborah Ann Woll smoking a cigarette, like, as the plane crashes behind her,” 

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