Everything You Need To Know About Enola Holmes 2 


Enola Holmes, a name that outsmarts Sherlock Holmes himself is all set to make a comeback with the second part of the movie Enola Holmes. She is the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, extremely intelligent, sharp and goes against all the typical norms of a woman. 

The movie Enola Holmes revolves around Enola who travels to London to find her missing mother and finds herself on an adventure with a runaway lord. We have got you covered with all the details of the second part of the Enola Holmes. Check them out below!

When Will Enola Holmes 2 Release?

The end of the first movie was pretty open ended and that kept the hopes high for the possibility of a sequel. Netflix gave a nod to Enola Holmes 2 however there is no confirmation or set date for its release. 

The production is expected to start later in the month of October. It is confirmed that the second part will be shot outside of Hull’s High Street. 

Who Will Feature In Enola Holmes 2?

Netflix has confirmed the cast list and the movie is set to star, 

  • Helena Bonham Carter as Enola Holmes
  • David Thewlis
  • Susan Wokoma 
  • Adeel Akhtar 
  • Sharon Duncan-Brewster 
  • Hannah Dodd 
  • Abbie Hern 
  • Gabriel Tierney
  • Serrana Su-Ling Bliss

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Filming Location Of Enola Holmes 2

The preparation for the shooting of Enola Holmes 2 is going on in the UK. South East studio is being used as their production base for the filming of the movie. London will be transformed into “Victorian London” for the purpose of shooting this movie.

There will be many other extras appearing, adorned in Victorian dresses as passers-by.

Is There A Trailer For Enola Holmes 2? 

The trailer for Enola Holmes 2 has not been released yet. Netflix is likely to release the trailer 2-3 months before the premiere of the movie. Till then you can check the trailer of the first part, Enola Holmes.

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What Can You Expect From Enola Holmes 2?

Enola Holmes is based on a book by Nancy Springer called The Enola Holmes Mysteries. That’s why it’s a no-brainer that the second movie will follow the storyline of the sequel book of the series. 

We can safely assume that Enola Holmes will be on another exciting adventure of a missing person or solving a mystery. The second book which goes by the name of The Case Of The Left Handed Lady, finds Lady Cecily Alistair missing and Enola gets on her feet to find her. 

She does everything in her power to save Lady Cecily Alistair and risks revealing more than she should. What do you think happens in the journey of finding Lady Cecily Alistair? We have to wait till we find the answers to our questions. Stay tuned with us for any further updates!

The first edition of Enola Holmes had the biggest first day on Netflix when it was released in 2020. Approximately 76 million people viewed the movie from the comfort of their houses on the streaming platform. 

Director Harry Bradbeer is all set to bring another Enola adventure to the table, after the overwhelming success of the first part. We can’t wait to find out what is in the store for us with regard to the sequel part of the movie. We’ll keep you updated, so don’t worry and check the Enola Holmes if you haven’t already!