Elite Season 4 What Are The Plot Details? When Can We Expect Show On Screens?

Elite Season 4

Elite Season 4 Details: A week ago, the first season of Elite was released. The show left the fans with a tremendous amount of questions and nothing special about the characters was said in the latest season which was released.

The official announcement about the fourth season has not been made as of now but it is expected that the show would be renewed for the next season very soon. Its among the most viewed non-English shows on Netflix and the fans are drooling over it and it gained a high rating. Hopefully, the next season of the show will not be cancelled.

Elite Season 4: What Are The Plot Details?

Elite Season 4 -- Release Date

There have been rumours about the progress of the upcoming seasons. The 4th and the 5th season of the show are also being planned. If the rumours are to be believed then an official notification might be received from Netflix about the renewal of the 4th season. About three months’ time is taken by Netflix to assess the ratings, general response from the critics and the number of views the show has attained before it announces the next season of the show. It is a probability that Netflix has already decided to go with the next season of Elite.

The continuation of the series will be from the city of lights, New York the story will gradually progress from the different characters and storylines. Lucia and Nadia have moved from Spain to America which has brought a significant amount of change in their lives. The show will probably detail about Carla as to where she had gone because it was not told in the previous season of the show.

The previous season of the show ended on a pretty happy note for most of the students except Cayetana. It was left for the fans to wonder that was she left as a villain in the end or as a culprit. This is the thing which can be answered only in the next season.