Elite Season 4: Netflix Release Date, [CAST], Plot, Trailer and other Information

Elite Season 4 -- Release Date

ELITE SEASON 4 Every Update: Elite is basically a thriller teen drama based on teens in the Spanish language. It is viewed as web series in Netflix directed by Dario Madrona and Carlos Montero. The first season was launched on 5th October 2018.

The story of this series is based on student friends studying in the Elite school. We can say that it is a combination of two big series – Gossip Girl and Riverdale.


His series consists of the drama of teen and it is full of some progressive issues and some other sides.

Elite Storyline

Elite Season 4

Elite is simply a work of fiction in a very efficient manner. It is comprised of three seasons till now where we experience some amazing stuff by the teens in it. In the city of Las Encinas, there are the rich people whose children study in school and they are a part of some bad things like envy, resentment as well as tension.

There was also a sexual attraction between these students. In this group, there were three scholar students named Christian, Nadia and Samuel. These three students are a crucial part of the story where they get exploited by others. If we move forward then we can see that Samuel and Marina come into a relationship.

Adding to that she also starts dating his senior who is pulled fresh out of prison. And at last, Maria is dead. Moving to next season, there is an interrogation of the students for Marina’s death. Then Samuel disappears for the confession of her death. In short, there we get a clear idea of every character in the storyline.

The next season comes with the truth of the death of Marina and the mystery behind it is very interesting. Also in future, we can predict more fun, drama in Las Encinas city.

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Elite Cast

In the storyline of this series, we had seen several deaths and some of the characters are disappearing. Here is a list of some general actors which had developed their roots in this series Alvaro Rico (Leopoldo), Itzan Escamilla (Samuel), Jaime Lorente (Fernando) who was Samuel’s older brother, Maria Pedraza (Marina), Miguel Bernardeau (Guzman) who was the adopted brother of Marina.

ELITE SEASON 4 Release Date

Elite Season 4

The shooting of the fourth season of Elite is all set by Netflix. It will be sixteen episodes containing seasoning which there are two parts with equally divided episodes. We could expect the fourth season in 2021. But due to the COVID 19 pandemic, it could be a delay.