Elite Season 4: A new actor in the casting? – Release Date and Plot Detail

Elite Season 4

Netflix has so far not officially announced the Elite Season 4 but it does not prevent the fans of the series to dream of a sequel to the series Spanish. If it has, it will very certainly recruit new players saw the end of season 3. A photo posted on Instagram has puzzled some users about a possible newcomer to the cast. Warning, this article contains spoilers about the end of season 3.

Elite Season 4 Cast Detail

Elite does it right with a season 4 on Netflix? The platform has not (yet) confirmed the continued adventures of the students of Las Encinas, but after the success of the series, we imagine that this is only a matter of time. At the end of season 3, several students left high school to continue their studies. But some were back-to-school such as Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Guzman (Miguel Bernardeau), Rebeca (Claudia Salas), Ander (Aron Piper) and Omar (Omar Ayuso), which included Las Encinas. She (Georgina Amoros), she became housekeeper at the school. What makes you think that the future episodes will see the arrival of a new wave of students.

A new star will be cast as Colombian

Elite Season 4 -- Release Date

And if Elite recruiting… a star for the Colombian? This is what some belief is the internet for a few days. From Instagram account, the Youtuber, actor and influencer Sebastián Villalobos has posted a photo where he poses in what appears to be the costume of the students of Las Encinas. “Never liked someone who makes you feel ordinary,” he wrote in the caption of the image, a phrase from the series.

It was not necessary any more for some panic. “You’re going to play in Elite ?” or “We are waiting for you at Las Encinas” one can read many times in comments of the photo. Even Jorge Lopez has reacted. “You’re stealing a sentence? But where do we go ?” enjoyed the interpreter of Valerio, who confirmed his departure from Elite after season 3.

24-year-old Sebastián Villalobos is known to be 15 years old on Youtube before participating in The Voice Kids Colombia. He has also participated in the version for the Colombian to Dance with the Stars, and the series Soy Luna. So, will it be in the casting for the possible result offline? It will have to wait to find out.