Elisabeth Moss explains the Handmaid’s Tale TV sequel won’t alter The Testaments


Margaret Atwood’s sequel is extremely distant eliminated from the TV series, The Invisible Man star announces after the achievement of Hulu and Channel 4’s modification of The Handmaid’s Tale, it was no amazement to glimpse actual book writer Margaret Atwood eventually arouse out a sequel previous year but devotees wishing to watch storylines from The Testaments in the major series will be dissatisfied.

You glimpse, according to celebrity Elisabeth Moss, there are no agendas to contain the delayed book’s plot, partly due to complications around the several duration the two tales are set in.

“No, because it’s a bit in the destiny, The Testaments,” Moss notified RadioTimes.com when inquired of if the edition could be pertained to be in the main series.
“So no, we’re leaving that to itself.”

Released by Atwood in 2019, The Testaments begins again the story of Gilead around 15 years after the circumstances of her recent 1985 book (and the subsequent TV adaptation), with Moss’ character Offred greatly absent while nonetheless playing a significant background role in the tale.

Previously, The Handmaid’s Tale’s founder Bruce Miller had recommended that the series would put up with the occasions of The Testaments into account when formulating future storylines, or build a result for it – but Moss understood that this doesn’t imply the plot of the book will permanently give rise to screen within the major series, or that she’d be involved if it did.

“God, that’d mean I’d be doing it for the next 15 years!” she chuckled.
For presently, Moss is extra worried about what different fresh roles she can match in around her moment filming as Offred, with the actress nowadays starring in a modern horror-movie catch on Universal classic The Invisible Man.

“It’s told from the perspective of the victim of the Invisible Man,” Moss notified us, “which was Leigh Whannell, our writer/director’s notion. And truly a revolutionary.”

“There’s a path that you can accomplish something with a genre film, or just theoretical fiction like The Handmaid’s Tale, where you can cloak the larger idea within something fearsome, extra entertaining, with all the buzzers and whistles.

“I read it, and I was instantly hooked on like the first 10 pages, which is the beginning of the movie, and I felt like ‘oh this is super different than anything I could have expected this movie to be,” she finalized.


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