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Eccentric Kid And Cat ‘Tig And Seek’ Comes To HBO Max On 23 July

Eccentric Kid And Cat ‘Tig And Seek’ Comes To HBO Max On 23 July, HBO Max has debuted the very first trailer for Tig n’ Seek, which is a new animated series for all age groups created by writer/director/animator Myke Chilian and it is produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The 2D Max Original toon premieres on the platform this month on 23rd.

The series Tig n’ Seek follows an upbeat and eccentric eight-year-old boy named Tiggy and his cat, Gweeseek. The boy Tiggy not only works at the dept. Of Lost and Found- finding lost items throughout the Wee Gee City- he lives there too. Though Tiggy tries to help his friends whenever she can, his over-eagerness and his neurotic quirks often leads to chaos in the department.

Eccentric Kid And Cat ‘Tig And Seek’ Comes To HBO Max On 23 July


Tiggy’s partner and his best friend is his only cat named Gweeseek. She is a graceful, friendly kitty who appears to be a normal cat, but is also capable of inventing extraordinary gadgets to help her friends in their times of need.

This series is based on Chilian’s film Toggle winks for Cartoon Network’s in house shorts programs.

The casts of this series are the creator of the series Myke as Tiggy, Rich Fulcher as Boss, Jemaine Clement as This Guy, and Wanda Sykes as Nuritza. Some of the guest stars on this season include Louie Anderson, Maryann Stroessner, and many others are there.

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