Easter egg Alert – Falcon told [CENSORED] “Its Really important for me that captain never finds out about this”

Easter egg Alert

Thought out the history of the marvel cinematic universe all the movies are loaded with easter egg surprises. Recently Peyton Reed answered a fan’s question, which disclosed the hidden easter egg in his blockbuster movie “The Ant-man”.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of easter egg; easter egg in movie directs to a hidden message, information.


The easter egg in Paul Rudd’s Antman appeared just after the friendly combat of Ant-Man and Falcon. After Ant-man defeated falcon and stole the technology form the Avengers base camp, Falcon sent a message to an anonymous person and said: “It’s really important for me that captain never finds out about this”.


Easter egg Alert - Falcon told [CENSORED]
He was talking to Natasha Romanoff, The Black Widow. This ester egg was confirmed by Peyton Reed in his recent tweet to a fan’s question. The best part about easter egg is that you never know when u might find one, or it may not even exist.

Have you ever found an Easter egg yourself? Comment the movie name and scene lets find out who is the biggest MCU fan.

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