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Each And Everything That Star Wars Is Missing From Disney Plus

Each And Everything That Star Wars Is Missing From Disney Plus, Now one of the very big draws of the new Disney Plus streaming service was the ability to even have all of Star Wars collected together, but, so far, that complete library has even failed to materialize. Since having the total and some immediate access to the galaxy far, far away was always the intended to be one of the central pillars of the platform, even alongside some heavy hitters as the MCU, which also sometimes finds its content marred by some absences.

Now it is also important to note that George Lucas’ mega-franchise has, in the coming eight years under the Disney+ control, explored in some several different directions: spin-off films, YouTube micro-series, and some Live-action TV shows. This whole thing also may have helped round out the Star Wars release calendar for the corporation throughout the whole year, but this is also precisely within these newly expanded areas that Disney+ commission cans also be found.

Each and everything that Star Wars is missing from Disney Plus


Now the most notable part of the Star War missing from the Disney+ is Solo: A War Story, this was the 2018 offshoot film whose very poor financial performance helped create a three-year moratorium for all of the new theatrical installments.

Then there are also the animated short attached to Star Wars: Resistance, which is the most recent of the animated TV shows, and the collected, all the expanded versions of the Forces of Destiny minisodes which was originally debuted on YouTube.

While this all may seem small, the items in the questions are some actually relevant parts of their respective stories, that also helps to flesh out the characters, the situations, and even the overall themes that their source material explores.

There is also an entire framing device, for some instance, which was introduced in the expanded version of Forces of Destiny that also aired exclusively on Disney Channel that also has Maz Kanata who narrates the stories to the audience, providing more of the context for her authorized tales.



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