Dying Light 2 trailers, release date, and everything else you need to know


After the initial, and ongoing success of the original game, it would not be shocking that a sequel is En Route. It is scheduled to arrive in Spring 2020. If you want fast facts, then you don’t need to look at this page further, which is dedicated to the Dying Light 2 release date, platform and all other relevant information.

We will be updating this game anew with constant details in the lead until the release of the game, so be sure to bookmark it and keep checking for the latest news and gossip about zombie games that could rule all other zombies sport.


Dying Light 2

Despite being initially slated for a 2019 launch, the Dying Light 2 release date has been pushed back to a slightly ambiguous “Spring 2020” window. This period can be anywhere from March to June, but it is expected that it will move towards the earlier limit, as we are not sure how long we can wait for it.

The delayed-release date was announced alongside a new gameplay trailer shown above, which gives us our first proper look at the infected hero Iden Caldwell, the new open world of The City, and the narrative sandbox storytelling system in the play. Check it out above, and tell me you’re not excited.

Techland has also confirmed that the Dying Light 2 will also launch on the PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlet when they are released as well, so prepare for the beautiful gore to look even more spectacular.

Despite the absence of the release date, Techland was pleased to show several minutes of direct gameplay footage at E3 2018, meaning the game is very much in the final stages of production.

The updated visuals look stunning, and Techland is making the most of the Xbox One X to showcase all those vibrant colors and fast-paced skylights. The demo also gave you a good idea of ​​the game’s updated parkour and combat mechanics, so it’s well worth a look for any interested fan.