Drug Traffickers Busted in Warren County, 2 Men Arrested by Police

In Warren County, two individuals from Dayton are currently the subject of legal allegations related to narcotics trafficking.

Indictments against both of them were handed down by a grand jury in Warren County on Monday, according to a report from the grand jury.

A number of criminal charges have been brought against Halil Banulla, who is 25 years old and lives in Dayton. These charges include aggravated trafficking in narcotics, aggravated possession of drugs, drug possession, and enabling drug usage.

He is accused of using his vehicle to transport huge quantities of drugs that were meant for sale, according to the report that was submitted by the grand jury.

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Anthony Saylers, age 25, from Dayton is being charged with many counts of felony offenses. This covers twelve counts linked to drugs, including possession of drugs and trafficking of drugs between individuals.

According to the report that was submitted by the grand jury, he is suspected of being in possession of substantial quantities of drugs that were meant to be sold in the City of Franklin and the neighboring areas during the months of November and December.