Drive to Survive Season 5 Is Confirmed To Release In 2022! Latest Updates

The formula One racer has not stopped to make their return on the ground and the recent docuseries named, Drive to Survive is the live example of how the passion of driving can be held on a person. Drive to Survive has officially landed on Netflix, making the series popular in the documentary world. Earlier, the series successfully submitted the release of its four-season and now every person has one question on their mind, “Will Drive to Survive season 5 going to happen?”

The fourth season was just made on the screen and there are some of the controversial things that the platform has addressed. Over the years, the show became one of the top documentary series. Netflix has already been working with their documentary themes and there is no doubt that their shows are getting much better. 


In between the time, where there are thousands of talks about how the series showed Verstappen’s victory, which by the way became a matter of discussion among the people, some people are thinking of the fifth season? Will there be the fifth Season of Drive to Survive? Thousands of people have the same question in mind and we know that you are probably one of them. Continue reading this article till the end and find out everything about it.

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Drive to Survive Season 5: Will there be Another Season?

Drive to Survive Season 5

There are no official statements regarding the series. There are doubts that fans are eagerly waiting for Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 5. The fourth season of the series talks about controversial things that happen in the series way back. 

While most of the fans find it interesting to talks about these things which needed to address and these series are made to highlight those, still, media talks about the show and how it displayed everything. 

Talking about the show, the fourth season just wrapped up and there are a lot of questions that needed to be solved. The officials have not yet renewed the series as of now. The fans are manifesting for the series to get to renew. However, the fans are pretty sure that the series will be returned. 

Netflix has a never-ending love for documentary series and with Formula 1: Drive to Survive being on the side, they have managed to get a lot of audience from the worldwide audience. In the recent news, Radiotimes have spotted the cameras in Barcelona which belongs on Netflix. Now there are already predictions about the series being started its production. 

While Netflix has not yet revealed anything regarding this issue, there is already assured among the fans concerning this. With the photographer being spotted on, there is no doubt left for us. Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 5 is unofficially confirmed since Netflix started its production but we already knew it is happening.

In an interview, Producer James Gay-Rees said about the fifth season possibility, he said, “I was in Barcelona [for F1 testing] last weekend sitting down with Christian [Horner] and Toto [Wolff] and they’re like, ‘We’re here again, it’s started again’. They’re all so knackered from the last year, they had a quick Christmas break but then they’ve been developing the car the whole time. It’s tough for us. It’s harder for them.”

When the interviewers asked about the cameras that were present in Barcelona and directly talk about Netflix Season 5, he firmly said, “We hope so. We’re still talking about it. The season is approaching so we’ll try and pull it off. It’s in the discussion.”

Other than that, Lando Norris the F-1 formula racer also speaks in a TikTok video which is seen by millions of people. In that video, he said, “Welcome to Survive Season 5”. All these hints are enough for the fans to enjoy the release of the fifth installment.

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Drive to Survive Season 5 Release Date: When is it going to Release?

Drive to Survive Season 5 Updates

Unfortunately, the series is yet to get official notice. When the fourth season was streaming on Netflix, the fans were smart enough to work on the fifth one. While the early news came as fast as the speed of the cars in their Formula race, no one predicted that the series will start the prediction so early. 

Thankfully, the race will start and the next season will bring back all the memories that we saw during all these years. Since the series is unofficially confirmed, we believe that the craters would release the fifth installment in 2022. 

The last season was released in 2021 and if everything goes fine, it would probably going to happen this year, So, tighten your seat belt because another season is going to be back. 

Drive to Survive Season 5 is already trending on Twitter so we can see that things are getting fast. 

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Final Words

Drive to Survive season 5 is unofficially confirmed. The fans of the F-1 Formula race have already been excited to watch the next season since the last one was brutally honest and made many controversies, With this being said, many things are left to cover and a new season will perfectly balance it. There are four seasons of  Drive to Survive already released on Netflix. Anyone who has not watched the series can completely go and watch it on Netflix. Like this article? Read more from our official website Honknews and get all the recent updates about the world.

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