We might have heard this legend’s song, I feel he is a legend. It has come no our news that the singer Drake has completed his fly-boy look with something folks thought that he would have done years ago, the singer got his ears pierced. The reason why he did it finally is very hilarious.

Otniel Pichardo who is the main owner of Atlanta Ink which is a tattoo and a piercing studio in the ATL some source tells us this. Drizzy’s team called up their shop this Friday night out of the blue requested Otniel and the whole crew came to Drake’s hotel in Buckhead, Atlanta for a personal session.



The rapper’s camp did a very quick Google search of the best piercers in that area, and the Atlanta Ink came up very close to the top in the results. They talked about having a good rep. The owner of the tattoo shop rolled out with his biz partner, named CJ and their best piercer, named Christian, and these people hit up Drake’s hotel room where none other than Champagne Papi himself was waiting. Some sources then told us that Drake wanted to pierce and naturally and the rapper was a bit nervous about it.

The rapper got the right one done as well, and the singer then slightly complained about the right ear hurting a bit more than his left ear. By the end of this whole thing though, the singer was very pleased with the result.

His team had two diamond-studded earrings ready to go, the two earrings were worth seventy thousand dollars and it was in total with three carats each. The singer or the rapper got them in Atlanta. The piercer placed them in his newly pierced ears and the singer proudly rocked the rest of the night wearing them.

In an event, he was showing off the diamond earring that he pierced and it was showing very awesome in his body. His looks changed and it looked very good on him.