Dragon Dogma Season 1: Review & What We Know So Far

Dragon Dogma Updates, Most of us are quite familiar with video games adaptation and recently such shows have become more popular with the audience. Such as Sonic the Hedgehog movie, or Netflix’s Castlevania series, all have successfully hooked the audience.

But these adaptations are relatively based on the linear games. However, the Dragon’s Dogma game is the complete opposite of the above-mentioned adaptations. Capcom’s dark fantasy RPG is an open world, dynamic battle, and has an intricate character customization ability.


It has characters with a strong drive and great motivation, which is a clear improvement over the silent game. The animation is also of top-notch level, however, the quest for slaying the dragon is still questionable and is quite underdeveloped.

Review: Dragon Dogma, Season 1

So, if we generalize the content, the framework of the series as well as the game is the same. Ethan (voice by Greg Chun) is a revived warrior who vows to reclaim his stolen heart from the dragon (voice by David Lodge), who also is the main culprit for his family’s death. David Lodge is reprising his role form the game. However, apart from the similarities, the things which are a bonus for the fans available on this show are Ethan’s back story.

Netflix Dragon's Dogma Season 1-

Ethan and his wife, Olivia (voice by Cristina Vee), are the bonus additions but get a very less screen-time. Olivia, the newest addition, delivers an emotional and fully-charged performance which amps up the flashbacks and the early moments. But, as she is the part of the back story, Olivia is barely in the show.

After the opening sequence in the series, the series/anime differs from the game owing to the different deadly sins inspired names for the episodes.

Eventually, Ethan battles with a succubus in the episode named: Lust and Pride, which is, of course, the final battle. This battle features an ending that is way more dramatic and different (in the worst ways) from the game’s version.

However, the weirdest part is the mashup of twist revealing the ways te seven deadly sins are correlated. This correlation is entirely fictitious, unoriginal, and anti-climatic after witnessing the major fight sequences.

Problems With The Timelimit Of The Episodes

But, I appreciate the makers tried to put in establishing a narrative framework although it was a bit clumsy. Seven 25 minutes short episodes are not just enough to deliver the type of narration the makers are aiming to provide.

It feels a bit rushed in the main plot’s development and a bit sluggish in the side plot’s relevance. By focusing on the minor irrelevant side plots, along with the combat with the dragon, the anime is now losing its charm. It is skipping the grand scope of the game’s world and some remarkable areas such as Everfall and Witchwood.

Most of the side characters die a few minutes after they come on screen. You don’t have enough time to understand and know more about the characters, let apart mourn for their death.

Most of the episodes deliver an individual story instead of a series.  However, on the brighter side, this indicates, that the anime is constricted around the gameplay.

The anime can explore several new angles to the story as the game is quite a thin story to start with. Moreover, it also helps to develop actual characters for the lead players, Ethan and his sidekick,  Hannah.


This fantastic animated Dragon’s Dogma anime despite its flaws manages to deliver thrilling and epic battle scenes in the dark fantasy world. It has very strong character customization.

But needs to work a bit on exploring the scope of the RPG world. No doubt it still doesn’t have a chance in front of Castlevania. However, Dragon Dogma is still a great debut that has much more scope for a scope with future seasons.

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