Dragon Age 4: The Trailer, Storey Hints, and All the Rumours

Dragon Age 4 might not be out yet, but fans haven’t let that stop them from riding the hype train to Thedas. The game was confirmed to be in development with a trailer in 2018.

If you played 2014’s Dragon Age: Inquisition and Bioware gave us a few hints, we have some ideas about where the game’s storey will go next. Concept art of what looked like red lyrium has also been shown off by Bioware. This is because red lyrium helps to break down the veil that keeps demons and spirits away. Bioware also used the hashtag #TheDreadWolfRise, which is based on our old friend Solas.


It’s possible that Dragon Age 4 will be out in 2023, but until then, we’ll keep this treasure trove of Dragon Age 4 information up to date. Grab a tankard of mead and settle in.

Rumours About the Release Date of Dragon Age 4

According to GamesBeat, people who know about the Bioware game say that the game will be out in 2023. Anyone can change a release date in this day and age of the pandemic. So far, we’ve seen a lot of things that make the release date make sense. Hopefully this year, more of the game will be shown off and the release date for Dragon Age 4 will also be more clear.

This Is a Look at the Inside of Dragon Age 4

When Bioware did Opening Night Live at Gamescom, they gave us a taste of Dragon Age 4 with a look at the next game. Casey Hudson, who introduces the video, says that the team has been “imagining new ways to use next-generation technology to bring the world of Dragon Age to life.” He also says that the game is in the early stages of development. There is still a long way to go, but it’s exciting to know that a new Dragon Age game is coming.

The video gives us a look at how the BioWare team is making this new game, with beautiful concept art and a few brief glimpses of game footage that show off different vistas and locations. Because we need more Dorian, I’m sure there’s a concept art picture of Dorian Pavus swimming underwater. If we end up going to Tevinter, that would make so much sense.

Teaser for Dragon Age 4 Will Be Out in 2020

During EA’s summer event, EA Play Live, the company showed off some dark and tasty concept art for Dragon Age 4. Not even by name. In a section that was introduced by EA’s head of studios called “Laura Miele,” she did say “Bioware,” which is a good thing. When you play Bioware games, you become the hero of your own storey. We’re using the next generation of technology to make those fantasy worlds real for you.

People have seen the first official teaser for the movie The trailer for Dragon Age 4 gave a sneak peek at what’s to come in the next game.

The first teaser trailer for Dragon Age 4 was shown at The Game Awards 2018. Three years later, we still don’t know what the game is called. So, you should check out the short clip above. The tagline “#TheDreadWolfRise” is shown, and Solas of Dragon Age: Inquisition greets us with a spooky message.

“So, You Found Me. I Think You Have Questions.”

If you don’t know a lot about Dragon Age, the “Dread Wolf” moniker refers to Fen’Harel, the Loki-like elven god of betrayal who has (spoiler alert) ties to Solas and is a big part of Trespasser, the game’s epilogue DLC. Most interesting of all, the trailer shows a red lyrium idol, and it’s not just an idol. Those of you who played Dragon Age 2 might recognise this building. One of the templars from Kirkwall is turned bad by the idol. Now, if you want to read the second book in the series any time soon, skip the next section because it has a lot of “heavy spoilers.”

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With Varric and his brother Bartrand, you go into the deep roads in the first act of Dragon Age 2. You are looking for Dwarven treasure and making money. This is the same idol we saw in the trailer. You find an old thing full of red lyrium. He turns his back on his brother and leaves him to die in the deep roads because of the idol.

At the end of the second act, Varric wants you to go to Bartrand’s mansion in Hightown and do something for him. What you find out is that the idol has made him “hear a song.” Lyrium was corrupting, so the dwarf made his servants eat it. He then cut it off of them while they were still alive. Awful, to say the least. It turns out that Bartrand sold the idol to a woman, and that woman is none other than Kirkwall’s Knight Commander, Meredith. She fights against magic and mages with all of her might, and the red lyrium makes her want to do it even more.

Game 4 of “Dragon Age”

Now we know that red lyrium is bad news in the world of Thedas. In Inquisition, if you side with the mages early on, you’ll be thrown into a future where Corypheus is causing trouble. And what makes a bad comeback? It’s red lyrium, and you’ve guessed it. You meet Fiona, who looks like she has red lyrium growing out of her. She says Corypheus has been growing lyrium in living people and taking it from their bodies to make it.

Lyrium is a problem from the start of Inquisition, so it makes sense that it’s still a problem in Dragon Age 4. Because we know how corruptive it can be, we also know it must have a lot of power. In the wrong hands, what will happen? It looks like Solas, our old egg friend, might be getting his hands on the thing we want. Above, there is a quick glimpse of a mural in the teaser. It looks like a creature with three eyes, and there are elves on either side of the idol. There’s nothing wrong with the Dread Wolf rising right, even if he does so with the idol in his hand. For Thedas, what does that mean? So, this can’t be good news.

Dragon Age 4

Some fans have already looked at every single part of the trailer and explained their theories in a way that is very well done. Reddit users have a good idea about why the trailer looks the way it does.

An alpha file for Dragon Age 4 has been found on the PlayStation Store, but that doesn’t mean that there will be a public alpha for the game soon.
Game 4 of “Dragon Age”

An alpha file for Dragon Age 4 has recently been found in the PlayStation Store database. This doesn’t mean that a public alpha for the game is coming soon. The alpha file came out in July, which made us excited for the EA Play event that happened in the same month. But we were let down by the event itself. We may never find out what the file was used for, but it’s still a sign that work is going on with Dragon Age 4. Right now, that’s enough for us.

It’s said that Dragon Age 4 isn’t going to have multiplayer or live-service features.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier says that EA is taking away all multiplayer and live service features from Dragon Age 4. This comes after the game Anthem didn’t leave a lasting impression on critics and players. A lot of people say that EA looked at the success of the single-player Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order when it decided to ditch the online component and focus on single-player content only.

The world of Thedas was celebrated on Dragon Age Day by fans all over the world. They also showed how much they love all things Dragon Age. For fans of the series, it was a great day. We hoped that a little bit of news about Dragon Age 4 would come out. There is a screenshot of Dragon Age 4 that BioWare’s executive producer, Mark Darrah, has shared. The only problem is that it is “super redacted,” which means that it doesn’t show very much at all. It was all in good fun, of course. Even though Darrah’s antics don’t show us much, they keep us talking about Dragon Age 4, which is good.

Dragon Age 4

In the top right corner, you can see a square image that looks like it has a little bit of sky and some trees. There you have it, folks. Dragon Age 4 may have trees and a blue sky after all. What a prank.

As far as I know, Dragon Age 4 looks like it’s set in Tevinter.

In a new BioWare book, the company seems to say that the setting of Dragon Age 4 is Tevinter, a region of Thedas that hasn’t been explored yet.

BioWare: Stores and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development mostly talk about BioWare’s history, but Eurogamer was able to pick out a pretty important thing about the next Dragon Age game. “The long-awaited follow-up to Dragon Age: Inquisition will take players to Tevinter as the events of Inquisition and Trespasser threaten to change the world of Thedas for good.”

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We’ve thought this for a long time, but it’s good to get some (semi-) confirmation. Tevinter was mentioned a lot at the end of the Trespasser DLC. It doesn’t mean that the whole game takes place in Tevinter, but it’s safe to say that we’ll spend a lot of time there in Dragon Age 4.

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