Double Cross Season 4 Release Date: Is It CONFIRMED or CANCELLED?

Double Cross surprised the fans with its third season. The show, which is popular among the fans for its amazing storyline and the packed action has come so far. Over the past years, the series had continuously maintained its excitement among the fans. The series was initially debuted in 2020 and in the last 3 years, the show successfully released three seasons. The end of the third season brings back the same questions inside the audience’s mind and that is whether or not there will be Double Cross Season 4.

The third season of Double Cross got instant success and people have admired the series. The growth of the show has remained continuous throughout the three seasons. I know that there is a huge number of audible that are wondering about the series’s future. If you loved the third installment, you must be one of those people who is deliberately waiting to hear some updates from the officials. 


Anyone who has watche4d the final ending of the series might be in confusion. The show ended with opening some of the hot topics and this was one of the major reasons why the fans believed that there will be Double Cross Season 4. Will there be another season? Continue reading this article to find out everything. 

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Double Cross Season 4: Will there be another season?

Double Cross Season 4 Release Date: Is It CONFIRMED or CANCELLED?

The third season was ended on a cliffhanger and this raised question among the fans if there is any chance for the fourth part. The last episode of the third season opens many possibility for the fourth part. There are many things that remained unsaid by the officials and the audience are wondering if there is any chance for the show to delivers the same aiming story of the cast members.

The officials are forced to answer many question from the fans and it looks like things are heading forward. There is possibility for the  show to continue the seasons since the last sea with many questions. Another thing that you need to see is that the show has been heading to a posutive direction. The fans are happy with how things turned out in the third part and this is a good sign towards the show.

Unfortunately, the officials have not yet confirmed anything regarding the show. The officials announcement is not yet revealed, The future of the show is pout on hold and that’s why the fans are so anxious to know. There is a serious anticipation between the viewers which says that Double Cross Season 4 is likely to happen. 

Many people belives in this thought but I think until the official announced anything through their own, we need to watch it on our own. We have already put our eyes on all the social media accounts and actively keeping an eye on every single moment. If there will be anything about the show, we’ll make sure to let you know.

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Double Cross Season 4 Release Date: When it will be going to Air?

There is no official announcement regarding the Double Cross Season 4. The series premiered on ALL BLK as it happens in recent years. Over time, the show has gained huge potential around the television. One thing that we have to keep on mind is that the corona virus is again getting big. 

Knowing the current global situation of the world, it is best to assume that the show might renew in the upcoming years. Moreover, Double Cross Season 4 has not yet announced any official statement about its release date.

There might be a big chance for the show to drop in the 2023. For anyone who is wondering about the show getting on in 2022, it ain’t happening. 

The third season got ended in  2022. Since the last season premiered a month back, the officials will not go to make any decision in the rush. If the show is destined to be back, it would still going to take some time to manage the decorum. 

Also, there are no updates on whether the product has taken off or not. All these things are a little tiring to think about but we believe that the fans are hopeful for the future of the show. Despite the average feedback on the online platform, the show still has a heart from its audience who are loyal towards it throughout the time. 

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Double Cross Season 4 Cast: Who will be back?

The show won’t feel the same without Tremayne Norris getting back as Dr. Cintron Morris. The audience has appreciated his acting on the show and this opens the huge possibility for him getting back on h series. Also, there are no updates from the cast members to leaving the show and this makes enough reason for the show to be back on the show. 

For what the third season makes is the great use of the characters. Over the three seasons, all of the characters have developed amazingly. In the fourth season, we’ll possibly go to see all the characters that we saw in the last season.

  • Ashley A. Williams will be back as Erica Cross
  • Jeff Logan will follow the role of Eric Cross
  • Darrin Dewitt Henson will be back as Detective Ryan
  • Judi Johnson will as Robin
  • Lisa Renee’ Marshall as Nurse Rachel
  • Candice Van Beauty as Tanya

Double Cross Season 4: What will be the plot?

The fourth season will start from the end of the third season. Although the series highlights the story of human trafficking through the episodes. Human trafficking was over the town including Dr. Erica’s hospital. 

The show follows an amazing storyline that drives the attention of the people. We have no updates on what the show will bring in the storyline. As for now, we are just glaring at the official’s announcement and the cast’s social media handle. 

If there will be anything regarding the plot, we’ll make sure to let you know. Follow Honknews and get all the recent updates.

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