Doom Patrol Season 2 First Three Episodes Are available; read to know more details

Doom Patrol’s First Three Episodes Are available; read to know more details

Now ahead of the season 2 premiere, DC will be making the first three episodes of Doom Patrol available for free on Youtube starting tomorrow.

The show Doom Patrol had premiered back in Feb 2019 as the second original live action series on the DC universe streaming service.


Soon after its release it became a critical hit for the streamer and drew a dedicated fan base. Then after that the second season was officially announced, but until recently additional updates were very slow to arrive.

The very first season of the show followed the titular group of misfits, all of whom had suffered some terrible accidents that had given them some mysterious powers. 

Doom Patrol Season 2

Though, those fifteen first episodes cemented itself as one of the strangest comic book shows out there, which is one of the reasons it had found such success among the fans.

The second season of the show will arrive on DC Universe with an added twist. The show will also be available on Warner Media’s newest streaming service on the same day, and the new episodes will roll out weekly.

However, HBO Max will be getting the first three episodes of season 2 on the first day. The recently revealed trailer for the show’s second season picked up with the desperate team in the aftermath of the first season’s cliffhanger and game changing twists.

Now, DC has announced its decision to release the first three episodes of the series on Youtube.

They will be available tomorrow and it is not clear how long will they remain. Additionally, they will be free to watch for everyone. June 22 is the date guys remember that.

Well, this is it guys. Hope that you are doing well during this quarantine. Stay tuned for more updates.

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