Don’t Let Go Movie Sequel: Is It Ever Going To Happen? Review Updates

Don't let go movie

Netflix is recently taking over many new and old movies and series and that even makes the show popular. There is no doubt that the OTT platform is one of the most-streamed one out of all because of the range and amazing series they offer. Oh my god. Earlier this week, Netflix updated the audience with the news of the Don’t Let Go Movie. 

Don’t Let Go Movie was initially released in 2019 and after 2 years, Netflix finally made the movie available on their platform. This means that one can clearly watch the movie there. 

Even more, this has increased the popularity and expands the viewers throughout the world. Filled with thrillers and ups and downs that would definitely excite the viewers, Don’t Let Go Movie has finally landed on Netflix. 

With the series being available on the platform, will it be renewed for a sequel? Fans have been wondering if there would be any chance of the series. While the new fans have been asking for a review. If you are someone who hasn’t watched the movie yet and wants to know about it then this article would help you.  We’ll be discussing the Don’t Let Go Movie and all the related details regarding the movie. 

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Don’t Let Go Movie: What is it?

Don't let go movie

The American horror suspense movie follows the story of a detective who is facing a problem to find the culprit.  Jacob Aaron Estes has directed the movie and received great appreciation from the audience. If Horror and sci-fi have always excited you then this movie would be a hidden gem for you. 

It stars David Oyelowo as the main lead of the movie who is playing the role of Hach. he is a detective by profession. At night, Jack receives a mysterious phone call from his own niece. 

After going to the given location, he finds out that his niece is dead or maybe murdered. The reason behind her death was still a mystery which he later solves in the movie. 

Now the story is amazing when he finds out that the phone call was from her niece. Ashely, who is the niece of Jack and has been mysteriously dead, actually called his uncle after being murdered. The whole story becomes interesting after him finding out all these things.

The audience praised the movie and asked the creator for a sequel. Being a horror and suspense movie, there is no doubt that the audience would love a sequel. But the story is an underrated one but the ending of the last season is surely enough for the officials to make another part.

Don’t Let Go Movie Sequel: Is it Going to Happen?

Don't let go movie

The 2019’s Don’t Let Go Movie was an undercovered one for the audience and after Netflix decided to broadcast the movie on their platform, the viewership significantly raises. There is no doubt that Netflix loves these horror, sci-fi kinda like shows because they are already addicted to them. 

However, getting another sequel for Don’t Let Go Movie is a rare possibility. The movie was released in 2019 and if the creators wanted a sequel, they should have announced it by now. But we already have the global crisis in 2019, and this might have affected the renewal. 

On the other hand, Netflix has recently made the movie land on their platform and that can mean that they would ask for another part. Netflix already has renewed tons of movies that are not under their production, who knows Don’t Let Go Movie can be next. 

There is no official confirmation regarding the renewal status of the Don’t Let Go Movie. If there would be anything, I would let you know. 

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Don’t Let Go Movie Release Date: When is it going to release?

Don't let go movie

The officials have not confirmed the release date for the movie. The movie series has not announced any sequel so far. While fans are asking to get the amazing underrated movie renewed, Netflix has recently made the movie available on their platform. 

With such a huge step, there might be chances for the movie to get renewed. However, these are very few as the movie is low-rated by critics. Even the viewership of the movie is so low that a sequel would just be a waste of time. 

But we never know what could possibly happen in the future. We are keeping an eye on all the recent updates from our sources. Any new information would be updated to you through this article. 

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Is there any Official Trailer for the Movie?

The movie was released in 2019 and just before the date of release, the show has released its official trailer. If you have missed the official trailer of the movie and don’t know where to watch then Let me help you. Here is the official trailer of the movie to watch.

What are the ratings of the Movie?

The suspense and mystery movies have gained love from the audience. The movie might not be famous but the fanbase is loyal yet small. The audience has b]loved the series and showed the love for a sequel of the movie too. In the audience rating summary, the viewers have rated the show with 4.4 stars. 

On the other hand, the critics have rated the movie with critical ratings, the negative rating of the critics is low enough for the creator to cancel a sequel. 

The IMDb rating of the movie is 6.4/10 and the common sense media have rated the movie with 3/5 stars. Even Metacritic have rated the show with 49% of ratings only. However, all these critics’ ratings were not enough because the audience loved the show. 

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