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Be Aware of Scam Through 3rd Party Cheque | Chargeback is Real Weapon

Just few hours ago, one shocking news came out from Keeper Facts where a guy named Michael scammed Indian digital marketing company, HSIM on the name of “web designing project”.

Let me give you quick overview about this scam:

What Exactly Happen?

HSIM got scammed of amount $2600 on 2nd June (with in 24 hours) because of chargeback feature of third party cheque. 

How Scammer could Scam through Third Party Cheque?

Mr. Yashveer Walia, Project manager of HSIM India Federation, get in touch with Michael on one of the freelancing website discussed about web designing project and finalized the amount of $880 but Michael made an excuse making payment through bank transfer and said them to make payment through cheque.

For this, Mr. Yashveer walia & team contacted “Satvik vats” who is doing Job in United states. Satvik vats got 3rd party cheque of amount $2600 ($880 for HSIM, $1600 for PPC guy) from Michael and he used this cheque in “Bank of America”.

HSIM or even satvik was unaware of the fact that whenever you receive payment through 3rd party cheque, there is option of filing a chargeback.

Michael said satvik to make payments of $1600 and satvik made it. After this, Michael showed emergency of next $1000 payment. He said he is in big mess so help him out.

And then satvik made other $1000 payment too…

After making all these payment, Michael filed chargeback and he got his money back. That’s how HSIM lost $2600 payment.

Scammer Alert : Return Item ChargeBack

Satvik contacted bank and they refused to do anything regarding this case. Satvik tried to file complaint in police but they just took the details and said “Take care of it for the next time”. 

So in short, HSIM got scammed of amount $2600 because of chargeback feature of third party cheque. 

Who All Were Involved in This?

HSIM Representative:

Navneet Kumar, Founder of HSIM India Federation

Yashveer Walia, Project Manager

Anshul Garg,

& Satvik Vats (Representative from US who was in dealing with Michael)

Scammer: Michael…

Phone Number: +1 (908) 941-0566

Address: 1072 Lancaster close,Lawrenceville,GA,30043-5342.

He asked us to make payment here:

  1. Ashley Dheel : [email protected] via Zelle

Important Point to Consider…

  • Make sure that you don’t get payment through 3rd party cheque.
  • Secondly, to save yourself from chargeback, take payment via wire transfer.
  • Don’t believe on banking and legal system to help you. You have to go through with lot of pain for getting justice on a legal terms.
  • & then Just don’t believe because he is from US. Even, 8 in 10 US Merchants experienced payment fraud because of these chargeback and they count it as a “friendly fraud”.
  • If the scam could be friendly, why don’t put all your money virtually in cryptocurrency as there is no one between buyer and seller. Either they lose the money or they get work on it.

How could be a fraud friendly to anyone? Can you justify it? Will this loopholes takeaway hard earned money of citizens like you and us?

Seriously, we need answer of all these queries from authorities.

A Request from HSIM:

Kindly don’t forget to share this news on your social media platform. Sharing this could help your friends and relatives to save their money from such bastard scammers.

Check out detailed information here. 



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